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Amazon Kindle WiFi twin pack

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Get the Amazon Kindle WiFi twin pack thrown in free as part of the package; just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

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Amazon Kindle WiFi Twin Pack Information

The fantastic Amazon Kindle lets you have 100's of books in one device and with this gift bundle you don't just get one you get two Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi e-readers. There is a huge selection of books to choose from, many free, so no matter what type of books you enjoy you can download your favourites to the Kindle easily.

Connect to the Amazon store over Wi-Fi and browse millions of titles. Get back your love of reading with the Amazon Kindle that is lighter than a paperback and holds many books. The battery lasts for a long time so if you are getting stuck into a really good read the Kindle will power through with you.

The paperwhite display is perfect for use inside or outside and works perfectly even in direct sunlight. This gift bundle gives you a twin pack of Amazon Wi-Fi Kindles so you can keep one and give one out as a gift.