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Amazon Kindle Touch Review

These popular mobile phone deals include an Amazon Kindle Touch as a free gift and incentive to those who love reading.

Amazon Kindle Touch

The Amazon Kindle Touch has a 6-inch E-ink screen that offers several benefits to the reader. Electronic ink screens read like real paper and can be used even when outside and under direct sunlight. The sharp, clear text can be seen glare-free and causes less eye fatigue, compared to reading on other electronic devices.

The infrared touchscreen control provides a natural experience and because the Amazon Kindle Touch is lighter than most paperbacks, it can be held in one hand comfortably and it does not get hot like other electronic devices. The Amazon Kindle Touch uses Wi-Fi to connect to the kindle store and Amazon’s original experimental web browser is built in.

Under typical usage patterns, the battery in the Amazon Kindle Touch can last for up to two months. This Kindle can also play MP3 sound files and has audio-book capabilities.

The Kindle Store

The Kindle Store is the home of a variety of digital media that can be downloaded and viewed on the Amazon Kindle Touch. There are more than a million titles available to UK readers and these include e-books, newspapers and magazines.

The Amazon Kindle Touch has a 4GB internal memory, of which about 3GB is available to the user, and this can be used to store, quite literally, thousands of books.