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These mobile phone deals come with the Toshiba Chromebook as a free gift. Available though a variety of online retailers and connected to a choice of phone networks, you can compare the best prices here.

Toshiba Chromebook CB30

Designed for play, productivity and portability, the Toshiba Chromebook is an ideal companion if you need a new laptop to suit your day to day needs. With a 13.3” display, your Chromebook can surf the web, view media and handle work without any lengthy load-up or shut down times.

Its fast and user friendly Google Chrome operating system is simple to use, and with up to 8 hours and 30 minutes of battery life, you needn’t have to map out where your nearest plug socket is.

Seamlessly syncing your files and data through 100GB of free cloud storage, you can access your work anywhere with an internet connection, without clogging up its internal storage. Plus, with automatic software and security updates, you aren’t forced to tackle complicated downloads and installations, with the Chromebook handling it for you.

Finally, boasting its own USB, HDMI and SD Card slots, you can always easily connect to other devices and storage accessories. You simply can’t go wrong with this free laptop when you take out a smartphone deal!

Toshiba Chromebook Specifications

The Toshiba Chromebook features a Toshiba TruBrite HD high-brightness display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. An Intel Celeron 1.4GHz processor and Intel HD Graphics chip power the experience. This Toshiba Chromebook weighs only 1.5kg and has dimensions of 328mm x 227mm x 20mm.