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Free gifts are offered with the following contract mobile phone deals and here we have highlighted deals that come with a free Acer netbook. Simply select the smartphone, phone network and online UK retailer of your choice.

Acer V5 netbook

This Acer V5 11.6 inch touch netbook is a generous free gift with these mobile phone, smartphone and phablet deals. The well-known brand name of Acer will already be familiar making this Acer netbook an attractive gift choice.

The laptop style of design is perfect for those who travel away from the home or work and yet this highly portable device has a well-sized 11.6 inch screen that will allow you to use spreadsheets, write documents and email with ease.

This Acer netbook is also capable of gaming, playing music or videos and using VoIP chat service like those offered by the popular Skype system. The package includes the netbook, charger, manufacturer’s warranty and battery, which delivers hours of use from a single charge.

About Acer

Founded in 1976, Acer is a Taiwanese electronics company with a multinational presence. It has 7,000 employees globally and originally operated as Multitech, before being re-branded as Acer in 1986. Acer continues to design computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, storage devices, TVs and smartphones.

Acer is the 6th largest computer vendor in the world and today is responsible for designing, marketing and distributing its product lines.