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Google Chromecast

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Chromecast Review

The Google Chromecast device is a free gift that can be chosen with these smartphone deals. Simply browse through the deals here or filter them by handset, network or tariff allowances, to see the top deals from UK retailers.

Google Chromecast

A smaller, more compact way of running your TV needs, Google Chromecast is no bigger than your average USB stick, and slots right into your TV’s HDMI port. By linking it with your smartphone (Most manufacturers support the system), you can then ‘cast’ anything onto your TV, whether it’s your favourite episode of South Park, or a hard hitting movie.

It doesn’t stop with video either, you can display images on the big screen using the kit, and it doesn’t take any ridiculous amount of effort to set up. Also, compatible with a huge number of apps like Netflix and other streaming favourites, you can turn your TV into a hub of entertainment.

Whilst your phone, tablet or PC is linked to Chromecast, you can still use it as normal as well, making it practical as well as efficient. An ideal addition to any TV, Chromecast comes free with many of our great smartphone deals.

Chromecast Compatibility

The Chromecast device has been designed to work effortless with a multitude of devices. Chromecast works with the Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Chromecast also works with Android phones and tablets as well as with Windows laptops and computers.

The range of media and apps available for Chromecast include more than 200,000 movies & TV shows and 30 million songs in free, paid or subscription formats.