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Sony PS4 Star Wars Limited Edition

Free Sony PS4 Star Wars Limited Edition with mobile phone deals

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PS4 Star Wars Edition Review

Mobile phone deals that have limited edition free gifts with them are in high demand and these deals include the Stars Wars Edition of the PlayStation 4.

PS4 Star Wars Edition

The PS4 gaming console now comes with a Limited edition 1TB Star Wars Battlefront Bundle. The PlayStation 4 has a fully customised console and DualShock 4 wireless controller, both inspired by the Darth Vadar character of the long running movie franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront

This PS4 free gift includes the game Star Wars Battlefront, which can be played in a number of different modes. There are a variety of action packed multiplayer modes, including small eight player battles through to large scale battles of up to 40 players.

Players can fight as the Rebellion or the Empire and the single player mode allows the gamer to play offline, with the Star Wars Battlefront Missions that are packed with depth.

Play can happen online via co-op or with a friend in split screen mode. Gamers can choose to play the role of iconic characters such as Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker. The immersive experience lets the gamer experience the ominous thud of the AT-AT on Hoth’s frozen tundra, fire blasters as the Imperial speeder bikes zip through Endor’s forests and dogfight in squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters.

The PS4 comes complete with a mono headset for chat with friends, a HDMI cable for connecting to a HD TV and everything else you need to charge, power and play.