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Sony PS3 Slim gaming bundle

Free Sony PS3 Slim gaming bundle with mobile phone deals

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PS3 Slim Gaming Bundle Review

Free gifts certainly make mobile phone deals more attractive and here we have a range of deals, on different networks and with different models of phone, that are offered with the PS3 Slim Gaming Bundle as a free gift.

PS3 Slim Gaming Bundle

The PlayStation 3 is offered here with a gaming bundle that allows you to start enjoying PlayStation titles straight out of the box. There is no need to make additional purchases of expensive games straight away, as there is hours of play gifted in the gaming bundle.

To enjoy the gaming bundle, simply set up the PlayStation 3 Slim by connecting it to your TV and plug in the game controller. This gaming console is also backward compatible, meaning that you can add to the existing gaming bundle at very little cost by buying games originally released for the PS1 and PS2.

Beyond Games

The PlayStation 3 offers more than just the gaming bundle right out of the box. The console can be connected to the internet to stream films and catch up TV. A variety of online players can be accessed and these include the ITV Player, BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 Player. In addition to these the PS3 can visit YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

The disc drive on the PS3 can be used to play the gaming bundle, play music CDs and play DVDs. The wireless controller can be used for gaming and like a remote control for fast forward and skipping through the track lists on CDs and DVDs.