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Sony PS3 Slim 500GB

Free PS3 Slim 500GB with mobile phone deals

Get the Sony Playstation 3 Slim 500GB thrown in free as part of the package, just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

Connect with a new deal or upgrade your handset too, to the latest smartphone.

Compare the latest free PS3 Slim 500GB Deals

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PS3 Slim 500GB

The PS3 just got slimmer yet fatter at the same time?

Bringing a whole new slim design with modern curves and a huge 500GB memory to enable you to store so much more on your new PS3 Slim.

High Def games and much more multimedia for the true hardcore gamer and multimedia head and so much more.

Playstation Network

Join in the gaming with online friends, pit your wits against other in your favourite PS3 games.

Add more to your PS3 Console

Playstation Store enables you to add to your console and buy new games and even more multimedia products. This is where the new extended 500GB hard drive space comes into play. Download store and play , you will never be bored again. There is an abundance of feature packed products with the challange of even getting close to filling that hard drive.

3D Graphics

Pop into the game and enjoy with draw dropping stereoscopic 3D graphics, you will be in a world of your own. The entertainment doesn't stop there, with the PS3 Slim 500GB also compatible with Blue-Ray 3D discs, your films just got even better too.

PS3 - Vita and Phone - Connect

Cross-platform feature enables you to Unlock or create in-game items and share them between your PS Vita, PS4 and PS3.