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Sony PS3 Slim 12GB

Free Sony PS3 Slim 12GB with mobile phone deals

Get the Sony PS3 Slim 12GB thrown in free as part of the package; just choose the mobile and network tariff to get the cheapest pay monthly price comparison from top retailers in the UK.

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PS3 Slim 12GB Review

The PS3 Slim with 12GB hard drive is one of the best free gifts that you can find to accompany your next mobile phone deal.

PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim with 12GB of flash memory is more than just a video gaming console, it is a complete home entertainment system. In addition to gaming, those who choose this item as a free gift, will enjoy being able to stream movies and catch up TV.

Films and TV can be streamed from popular websites and apps such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 iPlayers as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus,YouTube and Amazon Instant Video. In addition to this, the PS3 Slim can play DVDs and music CDs.

The sliding disk cover keeps the sleek curved and simple body design and the wireless controller negates the needs for hazardous wires trailing across the floor. The PS3 Slim is backward compatible, so it can play gaming classic released for earlier PlayStation models, as well as the latest adventure, hardcore RPGs and family friendly multiplayer games.

Exclusive PlayStation Games

The PS3 console allows you to play gaming franchises that are exclusive to the PlayStation brand. Titles include Grand Turismo, inFamous, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, God of War and Killzone. Players can also make new friends and play with/against them over the online PlayStation Network.

A Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is needed to access online features of the PS3 Slim.