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PS Vita Slim Review

There is a new, thinner, PS Vita a.k.a the PS Vita Slim, and it is available as a free gift with the following smartphone deals.

PS Vita Slim

The PS Vita Slim has a more palm-pleasing shape that is generally more-rounded compared to its predecessor. The PlayStation Vita Slim is 3mm thinner, at 15mm thick, and weighs 41 grams less at 219 grams.

It is however more than just shape and design that has changed. The Vita Slim uses a 5” IPS LCD display, with a resolution of 960 x 544 pixels, as opposed to the OLED display used on the original Vita. LCD displays have a back light and this makes the colours appear more vibrant.

The screen may have changed but the battery remains the same at 2,210mAh. Even though this is the case, the PS Vita Slim makes more of the battery power available and should provide an extra couple of hours of game play, at 6 hours, before it needs recharging.

The components powering the PS Vita Slim include a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and front and rear cameras. The original PS Vita had no internal memory but the Slim has been given 1GB and if needed, a 64GB Vita Memory Card can be inserted.

PS Vita Slim compatibility

TV shows, movies and apps can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store while the Vita Slim can play more than one thousand PlayStation games. Titles include PSP & PS One system classics, indie games, exclusive JRPGS and PS Vita narrative adventures.

The PS Vita Slim free gift can stream PS3 games through PS NOW and stream PS4 games through a Wi-Fi connection and Remote Play.