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Nintendo Wii U

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Nintendo Wii U

A new Wii gaming console which changing how you control, with a visual controller and 1080p HD graphics

Wii U GamePad

A whole new controller concept with a 6.2 inch LCD touch screen accomponied by the tradional controller buttons and analog sticks.

Wii U GamePad Features and Specs

There is an array of features on a gamepad, you can see them all below.

Are Wii games and Wii u games compatible?

"Nearly all of your existing Wii games can be played in Wii Menu mode, accessible any time. You can also transfer downloaded WiiWare and Virtual Console games, and game save data from your Wii console to your Wii U console". Wii U website

Different way to view Wii U games on TV and Gamepad

With the great adventure taking place with 2 screens, you can get different views to help ytou throughout the gameplay.

  • Touch screen on the gamepad will control gameplay on the TV
  • Change the pad view with vertical or horizontal play , which ever you prefer, or which ever suits the gamplay required in certain games or levels.
  • More control with Gamepad Stylus movement in game too
  • Added controllers and Pads brings upto 5 player modes enabling multiplayer games
  • Not near a TV, dont worry,, use the Gampad on it's own for a more personal gameplay time