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Specs and all new Nintendo 3DS XL Features

From one of the undisputed market leaders of handheld gaming, Nintendo’s 3DS XL is the latest dual screen console to hit the market from the Japanese company. Offering a 3D gaming experience, you’ll get immersed into your games like never before. Featuring a stereoscopic 3D display on the top screen, you can use a handy 3D depth slider to alter how powerful the feature is. The bottom display boasts touch screen technology developed in tandem with the stylus to give you a truly unique gaming experience.

Also, with a 3D camera built onto the rear of the device, you can turn your friends and family into 3D pictures to view on the console, and even integrate them into your games. Backwards compatible with all of the older Nintendo DS games as well, you can’t go wrong with the 3DS XL, especially when it comes for free with a brand new smartphone!