O2 Contracts

At Mobilephones.com we bring you over 600,000 mobile phone deals from all established network providers, including Orange, EE, T-Mobile and 3. However, one of the most popularly searched terms when looking for mobile phone contracts is for o2 Contracts.  

O2 contracts offer free handsets for all of the most purchased models, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia Z.

What people often forget when searching for mobile phone contracts is the actual contract itself. It is important to understand how you use your phone as an individual, before trying to find out which is the best o2 contract for you. As a starting point, though, many users first try and find the best o2 contract phones that they can get for their money, and look at the contract itself afterwards.

For example, you might be someone that enjoys making calls on your phone, in which case, you will require an o2 contract which offers plenty of free minutes as part of the package. Alternatively, if you enjoy being able to regularly update your social media statuses, browsing the internet or sending emails, you should opt for an o2 contract which includes a large data allowance. Most o2 contracts come with unlimited texts, as phone networks understand that we a great texting nation, so this is a lesser consideration when looking at your O2 contract options.

O2 Contract deals

Once you have established exactly what kind of o2 contract you require, based on minutes, texts and a data allowance, it is important to ensure that you can find not only the best O2 contracts that suit your lifestyle, but also the perfect o2 contract that also suits your bank balance.

For example, you can find yourself with great o2 contract phones for a good price! See below for just some examples of the latest devices which you can get for free on an o2 contract.

iPhone o2 contracts

With a large majority of smartphone users opting for an iPhone, we have sourced a great variety of iPhone deals on o2 contracts.

For instance, you can pick yourself up brand new iPhone 5 o2 contract deals starting from just £32 with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 750 MB of data. Because of the high offering of minutes, texts and data in this O2 contract, it is suitable for even the most obsessive of phone users.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to O2 contracts for the iPhone 5, why not take a look at o2 phone contracts for the iPhone 4S? You can acquire a free iPhone 4S handset with unlimited texts, 300 minutes and a data allowance of 500 megabytes for just £27 per month. If you really want to splash the cash, though, there are o2 contracts offering unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and a massive 1GB of data for just £33 per month.

Samsung o2 contracts

Samsung has completely stolen the title of Android king in the past few years, with its Galaxy S3 proving particularly popular with non-Apple fans. Therefore, Mobilephones.com has whittled down all of the best Samsung o2 contract phones around.

For instance, get a free Samsung Galaxy S3 for just £22, including unlimited texts, a data allowance of 500 MB and 300 minutes each month. Or if you’d prefer to go big, why not try the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on an O2 contract with unlimited texts, 1 GB of data and unlimited calls, all for just £27 per month?

BlackBerry o2 contracts

For those of you who prefer to go old school with a physical QWERTY keyboard, Mobilephones.com offers great o2 mobile contracts for all of the BlackBerry handsets, including the latest Z10 flagship device.

BlackBerry O2 phone contracts can be found from just £11 a month for a BlackBerry Curve 9320, or slightly more for the BlackBerry Bold Touch or the BlackBerry Torch.

Considering there are just so many BlackBerry contracts o2 has managed to offer some great prices as well as packages. For example, BlackBerry O2 contract phones such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900 can be found with 300 minutes, 500 megabytes of data and unlimited texts, which is the cheapest deal for the Bold 9900 on the market!

If you want to be at the forefront of BlackBerry handsets, however, get your hands on a great o2 contract for the Z10 for just £32 with a great deal; 600 minutes, a whopping 750 MB data allowance and unlimited text messages. What else could you need from your o2 contracts?