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Gone are the days when you simply pick a phone and then pick a different plan to work with, now they're combined into specific contracts over two year time frames. However, you can also get extra free gifts with your smartphone deals as well - with tablets, TVs and games consoles among the things on offer with deals nowadays. This means that you canbag yourself a phone on a good tariff and also get yourself an extra gadget to play with as well.

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Do Contract Mobile Phones for Bad Credit Exist?

Many people now have bad credit but there are solutions out there for you, check out our dedicated page for bad credit contract phones. It doesn't matter if you need a SIM only deal or a longer plan including a handset - we'll do our best to get you a new contract deal.

What Handsets should I look for?

As always, the biggest phones to look out for are direct from Apple and Samsung, with the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge the two biggest devices on the market. However, the HTC 10 and LG G5 are both admirable devices to keep an eye on as well, whilst the Xperia X is making waves of its own.

Looking for a SIM only deal?

Sometimes it's not a new phone you need, but just a new contract. By investing in a SIM only deal, you can find a new tariff without having to change your phone, or you can invest in a phone seperately to help save some cash. Don't forget that if you get a brand new smartphone you can get cash for your old mobile phone too by recycling it.

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5G technology has now been starting to be developed as our networks moves further forward, get more information on 5g for mobile communications here.

Can my phone bills go up?

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced that it will increase the fees that network operators have to pay for spectrum.

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Telecommunications regular, Ofcom, has granted mobile phone users the right to leave

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