Is this the last chance for BlackBerry?


BlackBerry has had to deal with a couple of issues in recent months. The company recently changed the official name from Research in Motion to BlackBerry in an attempt to help improve its image - which would have come as a shock to anyone outside the US who assumed it had always just been BlackBerry. Prior to this name change it, even suggested selling off the hardware production if the next venture fails. This venture is the launch of BB10 series, two new smartphones that are designed to act as a lifeline for the struggling brand.

What is the BB10 series and what can it do to help BlackBerry fight against its rivals?

At the end of January the BB10 series was unveiled to the world, and with a lot less hype and ceremony than other launches, especially the iPhone 5. Essentially, we have been given a choice between two new BlackBerrys in this recent product launch - the Q10 with its new QWERTY keyboard, for current users that do not want to give up the traditional style, and the Z10, a 4.2 inch touchscreen model that is more reminiscent of the familiar iPhone style and shape. It appears that BlackBerry really is trying to change the image and purpose of these devices so they seem less like limited, office accessories and instead have a wider appeal for a larger demographic of users.

The company has achieved this wider appeal by increasing the capabilities of the device itself, adding more apps and games and leaning more towards creating an entertainment device than a tool. The biggest selling point for current BlackBerry users will be the potential of OS 10 and the way it supports a vast number of apps and social networking tools. There is also an extensive media library, 16 GB internal storage, an 8MP camera on the back, 2MP front camera and 1080p video recording. The list of specifications looks great compared to old models but when it is weighed against the best Apple and Android devices it is a different story; therefore, you have to ask whether this series has really done enough to save the brand.

So, are BlackBerry seeing a small glimmer of life support with bb 10 series?

There is a sense that BlackBerry is simply catching up to its rivals, with the bb10 series having  little chance of overtaking them.  In my opinion, there is nothing outstanding about the Z10 and the Q10, they are just BlackBerry's answer to competing with the current models from the biggest manufacturers, and is an attempt to bridge the gap in terms of apps, style and capabilities. There is definitely a small sign of a life-preserver in BlackBerry’s latest releases, but it is unclear how long it will keep the company afloat.

The Z10 and Q10 will come to people's attention over the coming month, they will look at it for five minutes and - unless they are loyal to the brand - they will then turn their back towards the familiar Android models, iPhones and maybe even the Windows phones . The only life support provided is in reminding people that the brand has some potential for another year; to really get out of trouble it will have to go much further.

 D.E. Bradley is a mobile phone device enthusiast and cell phone repair expert. In smart phone repair you have to follow all of the latest trends to keep up with the ever changing technology.

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