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If you’ve just bought a brand new smartphone, then it’s likely that you’re currently in that wonderful honeymoon stage where you’re always playing with it, and protecting it from any kind of damage with your life. But why worry about keeping it safe when you could get mobile insurance instead?

Protecting you from all kinds of common baddies like mobile theft, broken screens and even water damage, mobile device insurance can be a real saviour if you’re on the clumsy side, how much is it to replace an iPhone?

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Do I need Insurance for the whole family?

Protect your phone from damage with insurance...

Whilst you might consider yourself a safe pair of hands, there are plenty of other problems that can pop up with your smartphone that are no fault of your own.

Of course, whilst the retailer you bought it from may be able to cover it with their warranty, if you surpass the mobile phone warranty period, or if your kind of damage isn’t covered, you could be left wanting. That’s when our smartphone insurance policy comes into play, offering high levels of protection without a massive monthly cost – you can rest assured knowing your smartphone is safe in our hands and the cost of replacing a top smartphone like an iPhone can be a big lay out all upfront.

Our plans can also cover if you get your phone stolen, something else which is also hard to ensure doesn’t happen 100% of the time…

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Does Insurance beat my Warranty?

You can bet that brand new iPhone it does. Whilst your mobile phone warranty is handy, it only protects you from malfunctions that aren’t your fault, like if your battery fails or your screen decides to pack up. Your warranty doesn’t cover things like cracked screens or if your phone is stolen.

Our mobile insurance guarantees you some of the best protection possible for a minimal price, along with bunch of handy extras as well (which we’ll reveal in due course).

So, whilst it certainly does pay to keep a hold of your mobile phone warranty, it doesn’t cover you from other fates which could befall your mobile device.

How much is it including for iPhone?

Whilst you may have spent hundreds of pounds on that brand new phone, you won’t be shelling out too much to keep it safe with our mobile insurance that’s for sure.

Our policies are also one of the best available in the UK, meaning you can get some comprehensive mobile phone protection for a stunningly low price. Now you can’t argue with that can you?

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What's the cheapest phone insurance

There are many providers out there, but a common mistake is finding the lowest price then also alarmingly you are not covered. Ensure you get the insurance plan that covers what you require, for an affordable price, amybe upfront or monthly. The multi gadget plan enables you to cover all of your own items or maybe the whole families gadget, so everyone in your home is happy and has peace of mind.

Gadgets covered whilst on your travels

Many insurance companies will only cover your gadgets in the UK, so check your policy if you are travelling abroad, on your holiday and want to take say your phone and iPad, these are expensive things to replace, ensure your covered.

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