HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One

The media has gone crazy over HTC’s latest release of the One flagship model, which promises to be one of the hottest phones this year. With a live home screen and dual speakers, the One so far looks like it could meet all expectations.

How does the One compare to one of the most popular Android devices around- the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Although it might be an unfair comparison to make, considering the S3 was launched a year ago, and the new and improved S4 is in the pipeline, it is important to gauge how the One’s basic features, design and functions will measure up to its existing competition. 


Samsung Galaxy S3





Quad-core 1.7 GHz

Quad-core 1.4 GHz


Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2)

Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1)


32/64GB, 2GB RAM

16GB internal, 2GB RAM




Just by looking at the specs, we can see that the differences between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are slight. While the S3’s processor might be that bit slower than the HTC One’s, the everyday smartphone user would probably not notice the difference.

Although the memory is larger in the One, the fact that both handsets have an SD card slot means that the internal memory can be expended to 64GB, which makes the One’s larger internal memory that bit less important.

Where there is a difference, however, is in the weight of the two devices; despite the S3 having a larger screen, it comes in at almost 10g lighter than the HTC One (though that said, neither of the two phones can be considered heavy). 


Where the One and the S3 do show differences is their appearances when compared at close range. As you can see, the S3 has far more rounded edges, and features a physical button at the bottom of the phone’s fascia. On the other hand, the One is far more reminiscent of the iPhone in design; it has a more rectangular build, and the phone’s screen covers far more of the handset’s fascia, making the handset itself that bit narrower than the S3.

Also, the feel of the phones are quite different. Although the S3 is ultra-lightweight, the back casing of the handset is quite plasticy as a result, compared to the all-aluminium casing on the HTC device. Because of this, the One has a more high quality look about it, which almost makes the S3 look cheap.


Where the HTC One stands apart from the S3 is in the phone’s features, however. Though we’re not going to argue that the S3 had no outstanding features, we cans see quite clearly that the newly released HTC One really does beat many Android devices hands down.

The HTC One had dual-frontal stereo speakers at both the top and the bottom of the handset, which not only means that you get amazing sound quality when playing music and videos, but that the sound doesn’t get muffled when the device is placed on a table.

When it comes to comparing Android devices, it can often get a little boring. After all, all Androids feature a series of customisable home screens where you can drop and drag your selected apps according to how frequently you use them. However, that’s where the HTC One is different. The One has a live home screen, called BlinkFeed, where all messages, social media statuses and images are updated in real time, making the phone look dynamic and exciting.


The Samsung Galaxy S3, like so many other smartphones, has an 8MP camera, which takes some high quality photographs. With the option of taking multiple shots with just one click, the Samsung has made a name for itself for providing user with a smartphone which can often match the quality of sole-purpose cameras.

The HTC One, however, features not an 8 MP camera, but a 4 UltraPixel camera, which according to the manufacturers, lets in 300 per cent more light than most smartphones. Whether or not HTC’s UltraPixels will out-perform Samsung’s megapixels will be difficult to tell until we get our hands on the One ourselves. The Taiwanese company is said to be exhibiting the model at next week’s MWC, though, so fingers crossed we can get the opportunity to find out… 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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