HTC One: the full picture

HTC One: the full picture

While HTC releases might not generally create as much hype as, say, an iPhone release, today’s launch of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest flagship model has caused quite a stir.

Just watching the promotional video has made me excited about the device, which in fact exceeds all expectations regarding the rumours and speculations that surrounded the model throughout the past few weeks. So what is it exactly that makes the HTC One look quite so impressive?


To begin, let’s get the specs out of the way. The HTC One measures in at just over 137mm by 68mm, with a depth of 9.3mm, giving the device a slim look. The phone also offers a 4.7 inch screen, similarly to the One X, which is the optimal sized screen, fitting in perfectly between the 4 inch iPhone 5 and 4.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S3 displays.  What’s impressive about the HTC One’s screen, however, is its massive 468 ppi display, which is far superior to both the iPhone and the S3 by miles.

The device has also taken sleekness to the max in its design; the phone sports an entirely metal casing, which moves away from the plastic feel of some previous models, and adding to the high-quality look of the device.  

The phone will also boast a 1.7 GHz processor and feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, putting the device right up there with its strongest contenders in terms of build quality. The manufacturer has also gotten over the issue of lack of memory, too, by offering the One with either 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage.


Just by glancing at the HTC One, you can tell instantly that this is something really special. Running the latest 5.0 version of HTC Sense, the flagship model presents a live home screen, somewhat similar to that of a Windows-operated phone. The live home screen, called BlinkFeed, really makes the most of the phone’s magnificent visual quality, as well as making the phone truly personal to its user. The BlinkFeed can display a selection of your images, bringing your gallery to life, and can also display short 30 second bursts of your photographic highlights. Never miss a Facebook or Twitter post again; simply add your favourite social media applications to your home screen and scroll your way through all of the latest social goings-on.

Another impressive feature that the HTC One boasts is its BoomSound dual frontal stereo speakers, which intend to make the sound quality of the device an audio dream-come-true.


We heard a lot of rumours about the possibility of 13 megapixels, then supposed UltraPixels, but now that the device has finally been launched, we can confirm that the HTC One will sport an impressive UltraPixel camera which will let in 300 per cent more light than other smartphone cameras. The UltraPixel camera on the HTC One, according to HTC anyway, is allegedly better than most 8 or 13 MP cameras.

Not only that, but the HTC One also boasts an impressive camera feature which is unique to the device: simply press down the camera’s shutter and the phone will automatically capture 20 still shots and a three second video, in order to produce a picture which is truly alive. That’s just one way to liven up your impressive BlinkFeed home screen, anyway!


So there we have it; there’s surely no-one out there who could doubt that HTC’s latest flagship release is going to be big this year. With a great spec and an impressive set of unique features, HTC really has done us proud. It isn’t known exactly how much the device will be marketed in the UK for, but the chances are it will be extremely affordable, especially when compared with the cost of the popular iPhone.

If one thing is true of HTC, however, it’s that the company is definitely not ‘quietly brilliant’ anymore; its latest flagship is all-singing, all-dancing, and just plain beautiful. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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