HTC One Contracts


The HTC One is available on a choice of monthly rental contracts from the top networks in the UK and with so much choice there is the perfect HTC One contract deal for every type of user. Contracts come with a different allowance of minutes, texts and internet usage and generally run for a period of 24 months, this allows the networks to offer this top of the range handset for free or at a greatly reduced price on a monthly rental contract. The fantastic connectivity of this smartphone will lend itself perfectly to mobile web browsing so a HTC One contract with unlimited internet usage is a great choice for anyone that wants to really explore this aspect of the phone.

HTC One Contracts on EE

The HTC One on EE is available on 24 month contract deals starting from as little as £31.00 per month with a charge for the handset or from £41.00 per month on a 24 month deal with the phone being free of charge. The EE tariffs all include unlimited UK minutes and text messages making these perfect for those that love to chat and send text messages. The data allowances on EE range from 500MB per month up to 8GB and with the EE network already offering 4G services in various areas of the UK users can access the superfast 4G features of the HTC One straight out of the box when in compatible areas.

T-Mobile HTC One Contracts

The T-Mobile network has a range of high value HTC One contracts starting from just £31.00 per month on a 24 month agreement and the handset is free of charge. The £31.00 contract includes 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet usage making this a great HTC One T-Mobile contract for anyone that uses a lot of data and sends a lot of text messages. Users that make a lot of calls can choose from contracts with minute allowances up to 3000 minutes and a range of data and text allowances to suit.

HTC One Contracts on Orange

Orange is offering the HTC One for free on contracts from as little as £28.50 per month with 400 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of internet usage. For enjoying the multimedia aspects of this phone such as video streaming and sharing videos on social networks users may want to opt for a higher data allowance and the choice of HTC One Orange contracts include data allowances from 250MB to 8GB per month. The Orange network also gives users access to extra benefits such as Orange Wednesdays for 2 for 1 cinema ticket deals every Wednesday.

Vodafone HTC One Contracts

Vodafone has a choice of contracts and the HTC One is available for free from as little as £29.00 per month. Users that make a lot of calls can choose a tariff with up to 3000 minutes of UK calls and for text messaging addicts there are a number of HTC One Vodafone contract deals with unlimited text messages included in the monthly rental. Data allowances vary on Vodafone from 100MB to 2GB per month which is generally enough for typical daily mobile use however if users intend to do a lot of streaming or downloading video or downloading a lot of music then a network offering higher data allowances may be preferable.

Cheap HTC One contracts

When considering the cheapest contracts we need to look at the monthly rental and monthly allowance. A lower monthly rental cost may seem appealing but if the HTC One contract will be used for high volumes of calls, texts and mobile internet usage then a slightly higher monthly rental cost will save money over the length of the agreement. For those that use their phone for lots of calls and texts as well as web browsing should really consider a contract with a high amount of calls, texts and data included each month as out of allowance call costs and charges can be high and  will result in higher bills. The lowest monthly rental that the HTC One is available on for free is £28.00 per month and this contract includes 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of Internet usage. This tariff is perfect for any low volume users that use the phone for a couple of text messages per day maybe one short call and check emails once every few days. As many users now access their email, social networks and message and call regularly on their smartphones for a cheap HTC One contract the best idea is to choose a deal with more included. There are many contracts that include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts and for anyone that really wants to put the HTC One through its mobile browsing and streaming paces an unlimited data plan is the best option.

HTC One Contract Length

The HTC One is a super powerful and advanced mobile phone and due to the fantastic specification of this smartphone the networks are offering the phone on 18 and 24 month contract deals to subsidise the cost of the phone. The monthly rental payment collected by the network partly goes towards the cost of the phone so users can get this fantastic phone for free when signing up to an 18 or 24 month agreement. Having a HTC One contract length of 18 to 24 months is not an issue as the handset can be adapted with apps from Google Play and will power through multitasking thanks to its dual-core processor.

HTC One Deals

The HTC One smartphone is packing some very impressive features into its slim chassis and this makes the phone very desirable and with this in mind the networks compete to bring the best HTC One deals. The phone is available for free on various contracts or for a small charge on others. The fantastic connectivity options on the phone will allow users to enjoy 4G and 3G web browsing so many HTC One deals include a decent data allowance as well as text messages and calls included in the monthly rental cost. The HTC has so many great features including social networking and mobile web browsing and for the full low down on this phone you can check out the HTC full picture. Fans of the HTC brand that are still unsure if the HTC One is the phone for them can see how the phone stacks up against the other top HTC phone in our feature the HTC One Vs. HTC One X Plus. has all the top HTC One deals from the UK networks and retailers so they can easily be compared in one convenient place.

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