How to Tether your iPhone

Personal Hotspot on an iPhone

At times when you need access to the internet from a laptop, but no connection is available, tethering your iPhone is the perfect solution to get you online. For example, you may be at a coffee shop with your laptop ready to catch up with the daily news on your favourite news websites when you realise that there is no Wi-Fi. Tethering your iPhone will enable you to use the internet data allowance on your mobile phone on your laptop.

Tethering your iPhone to use your data plan to access the internet is also possible with other devices, such as a PC or tablet.  This can be done by using a cable to connect the two devices or alternatively by establishing a connection wirelessly with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Before you start the process of tethering your iPhone, find out if your mobile network operator charges you for this service in addition to your data plan. Check with your carrier for more details as prices may vary. Furthermore, in order to tether your iPhone, it must be an iPhone 3G or a later version of the mobile handset.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tethering your iPhone

Here is a step-by-step guide of how you can tether your iPhone as a portal to go online with another device.

1. From the home screen, tap on the Settings icon.
2. From the Settings menu, scroll down and then tap on General.
3. From the General menu, tap on Network.
4. From the Network menu, tap on Personal Hotspot.
5. From the Personal Hotspot menu, tap on Wi-Fi Password.
6. Type in a password then tap on Done. Make sure that your chosen password contains at least 8 characters. 
7. You will then be taken back to the Personal Hotspot menu. To access the internet from a connected device, switch the Personal Hotspot field from off to on by swiping the slider to the right. The ON background should be blue in colour, rather than grey when the option to use the Personal Hotspot is turned off. 
8. When the Personal Hotspot is on, the iPhone will create a Wi-Fi network which will be named after the name of the mobile device. For example, Andy’s iPhone. 
9. You will then be able to use another device to connect to the internet by the Wi-Fi network created by your iPhone. Just search for the network how you usually would from your other device and connect to it. You may need to type in the password you used to set up tethering on your iPhone before your other device is able to access the internet.   
10. To connect your computer with the Wi-Fi network using Bluetooth, make sure this is turned on on your mobile phone then pair the iPhone with the computer by tapping Pair or entering the code that is displayed on your computer screen. 
11. To turn off internet sharing, simply go back to the Personal Hotspot menu and swipe the slider to the left so that the field shows a grey background with the word “OFF” showing. This will disconnect all the devices connected to the network. 

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