How to Tether an Android Phone

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If you’re one of the estimated 60% of the British public to own a smartphone, then you’re likely accessing the internet on a daily basis. This may be to check out your Facebook feed, send an email, watch a bit of YouTube or stream some music from Spotify. Using your phone for anything more intense can be a real headache – if you’ve typed out a series of emails on your phone you’ll no doubt be feeling this pain.

However pain relief does exist by way of tethering your phone. This enables you to use your data allowance from your mobile phone plan to connect via another device. In effect, the mobile phone becomes a wireless modem. In this article, we’ll show you how to tether an Android phone to another device.

Tether with a wi-fi connection

Some network providers charge users to tether their Android phone, so check your data usage agreement before you enable internet sharing. This is usually the case if you plan to tether your Android phone with another device using a Wi-Fi connection. Follow these instructions to tether your Android phone wirelessly if your device has been rooted.

1. On your Android phone, download the Wireless Tether for Root Users app from the Market.
2. Tap on the icon for the Wireless Tether for Root Users app on the Menu screen.
3. Start tethering by tapping the green wireless symbol
4. Connect your other device to the internet connection which is named after the SSID in your Android phone to go online.

Wireless Tether App

Tether Via USB

Another way to tether your Android phone is with a USB.  Follow these easy steps to tether your Android phone to a PC.

1. On your Android phone, download the ClockworkMod Tether app from the Market. This app is free but a premium version is available as an in-app purchase too.    
2. You then need to download the ClockworkMod tether software on your PC. If you use Windows XP or a higher version, you can download it from here. If you use Mac 10.6 or 10.7, you can download it from here. If you use Linux, you can download it from here.
3. If your computer isn’t connected to the internet for you to download the relevant software, just open the ClockworkMod Tether app from your Android phone that you installed earlier and go to the Help section. From here, you will be able to download the PC software version of the app. Once it has been downloaded, you will then be able to copy the file from your mobile phone and install in on your PC. 
4. Visit this page to download the drivers on your mobile phone that have been provided by a number of phone manufacturers. These USB/ADB drivers will enable you to connect two devices in order to complete the installation process of tethering your Android phone. Download the driver that is applicable to your Android phone or follow the instructions given on the page if the main link does not work.
5. Go to Settings on your Android phone, then Applications, then Development. 
6. Select the box called USB Debugging. This will allow your Android phone to work with ClockworkMod on your PC. 
7. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your PC. 
8. Open the ClockworkMod Tether app on your Android phone to start accessing the internet on your PC. 

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