How to improve the battery life of a Samsung Galaxy S3

How to improve the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy SIII

It’s the ultimate mobile pay-off – do you want a beautifully light and thin phone with adequate battery life, or a chunky and heavy handset that runs for days? For many of us it’s the former. However we’ve all been out and about for the day, watching the battery drain and hoping we’ll make it home in time before it conks out. So what can we do to improve the battery life of our mobile phones?

Here we take a look at a number of ways that you can improve the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Instigate Power Saving Mode

Clearly in a move to pre-empt this article, Samsung included a power saving feature in the phone’s settings. This gives users the opportunity to save power by altering some of the features that are responsible for eating up most of the S3’s power.

Enter your settings mode and turning on Power saving will:

  • Limit the maximum performance of the CPU
  • Use low power level for the screen
  • Change the background colour to save power when browsing the Internet
  • Turn off haptic feedback (i.e. the touch sensitive features)

Essentially, the phone switches to a low output mode, quitting some of the friendlier and aesthetically pleasing features in order to prolong its life.

Turn off superfluous functions

Do you really need Bluetooth or GPS running all the time? How about 3G, which perhaps has the single biggest impact on battery life? All of these functions can be huge battery drainers and if you’re not using them, you’re not getting any pay-back. Fortunately, Samsung has given you a quick route to turning them off.

Simply drag down the notifications bar at the top of the screen and the top row of features can be switched on and off simply by pressing them. They light up a bright green when on, so make sure you’ve got everything switched off that you don’t need.

Change your background  

Samsung’s live wallpapers are a really neat feature of the S3. Displaying the latest weather as a dynamic background really showcases the phone’s crisp screen and sets it aside from the iPhone’s dull and rigid display. However it eats away at your battery because it updates by accessing the internet as well as using up extra processor power. So if you’re out and about, switch to a darker, static background as this will use the least amount of juice.

Alter your screen’s brightness

Similar to changing your background, dropping the brightness of your screen will use less light, less power and ultimately extend your battery life. Again, Samsung has made this relatively easily. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen and then alter the brightness slide bar.

Written by Damian Carvill

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