Guide to Mobile Phone Operating Systems

This guide is designed to help you get to grips with mobile phone operating systems, so if you are unsure exactly what a smartphone operating system is, or which one is right for you then read on for more information. 

Operating systems run our computers and laptops and with mobile phone becoming more like compact mobile computers themselves they now feature operating systems just like your home PC or laptop.
There are some different types of operating systems that are often referred to as "open source" or "closed source". An open source operating system is unrestricted when it comes to what you can download onto it, whilst closed source ones tend to only offer apps and resources from the operating system manufacturer or approved developers.
Here we give you the low down on some of the most popular and widely available operating systems on todays smartphones.
The Android operating system is built on Linux Kernel and is used on smartphones and tablet PC's. Google owns and maintains Android as they purchased the system from Android inc. in 2005. The Android system is an open sourced operatting system which means there are huge numbers of developers able to utilise open hardware to develop apps and features for the OS. With unlimited access to anyone that wants to create an app for a phone and only light restrictions on the licensing, users are able to get access to thousands of free apps and content.
Google Play is the app store where Android users can have access to thousands of free and chargeable apps offering everything from weather and news to time management apps and games. Android has grown quickly to become one of the top selling mobile operating systems and as it is an open source system many different manufacturers are able to offer Android devices such as HTC, Samsung and LG.
BlackBerry OS
BlackBerry OS was developed by RIM (Reasearch In Motion) for use on their handsets, this proprietary system is well known for secure email and has in the past been the chosen OS for many corporate users. The system can handle multiple email accounts and is designed for multitasking.
The OS can be adapted to each user with apps that are available for download from BlackBerry App World. The store includes apps for everything from music to games and from task lists to recipes. The BlackBerry OS is only available on BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.
The Apple iOS is only available on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and this multitouch OS was firest released in 2007. iOS is a mobile version of the OS X operating system used on Mac computers. The homscreen displays icons that when pressed open up applications and phone features. The iOS has been developed over the years and uses apps that can either come pre-loaded on the phone or are available for download from the App Store.
Additional to email, VoIP and other services the latest iOS includes Siri a digital assistant that can be used to handle tasks and find out information. Maps, a Safari web browser and social network services are also some of the features on the latest versions of the iOS.
Nokia created this proprietary OS for use on their mobile phones and is now mainly found on mid to low end mobile phones as they have now chosen to go forward with Windows Mobile as their chosen OS. The likes of email, multitasking and apps are available on Symbian giving lower end phones some of the higher end functionality. Nokia Maps and turn by turn navigation is included on the Symbian OS and the App store has a number of apps to choose from so the phone can be personalised to suit you.
Windows Phone
The Windows Phone OS is the mobile operating system from Microsoft that was previously known as Windows Mobile and Pocket PC suite. The latest Windows Phone delivers many of the programmes that users will be familiar with from using them on a tablet or PC such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and Outlook.
The homescreen of the Windows OS has a distinctive design with Live Tiles that show various notifications. The Windows App store is accessible to Windows Phone users for new apps to download including Maps, games and productivity programmes to help keep you organised.
Whichever OS you choose to go with on your next smartphone each of them is adaptable and can be aded to with apps or content that will make your phone even  more useful and personal to you.

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