Top 5 cheeky iPhone shortcuts

Top 5 iPhone shortcuts

There are so many really cool features that the iPhone has but no one actually knows about. Did you know you can take a photo with your earphones? Or look up words with the iPhone’s very own integrated dictionary? Well, this article will reveal a few exciting iPhone shortcuts for you to have fun with.

Sending SMS

A simple shortcut but it took me a while to realise – if you need to use the caps lock more than once, then just simply double click it and it will hold until you turn it off by simply clicking on it again.

For those of you who don’t have ‘Whatsapp’ and still want people to know when you have read their message, you can do this through iMessage. 

Go to Settings > Messages> Send Read Receipts> ON.

I have a flip cover for my iPhone and most of the time it’s set to silent, so how do I ever know when my phone is ringing or receiving a text? With LED flash that’s how!

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts > ON.

Using Safari

Found an image you like? Press your finger down on to the image and hold until a box pops up, this will give you the option to copy or save the picture. You can do this on Facebook too!

Sometimes I come across words that I don’t understand… I’m not afraid to admit it. This however, is easily resolved with a very cool feature. Firstly highlight the word you want defining then tap on it and click on the ‘define’ option.

Also, if you’re reading a lengthy webpage/document on the internet, to save time just tap the bar at the top of your screen (the one that displays the time) to take you right back up to the top.


Never miss a birthday again! It’s all well and good inputting a birthday into your calendar, however the iPhone’s  default settings means you won’t receive a reminder until that day. If you want an earlier reminder, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Default Alert Times > Birthdays.

You can then select how far in advance you would like to be warned.


If you’re running out of storage, delete some apps! Most people have a number of apps that they don’t actually use. To delete one just follow the simple steps below:

1.       Hold your finger down on the app you no longer want

2.       Your screen will then start to ‘wiggle’ and a cross will appear in the corner of each app on your screen.

3.       Tap the cross on each app you wish to delete and a message will appear

4.       Press delete to confirm and the app will be removed instantly.


Saving the best till last… I have recently discovered the most AMAZING shortcut ever! Did you know that you can take a photo by using your headphones?!  You may already know you can take a picture by pressing the (+) volume button on the side of your phone, but you can also do this by pressing the same button on your headphones. I really wish I had known about this amazing feature sooner. This means no more awkward forward-facing camera poses and steadier shots. 

The best thing about this shortcut is that the rule also applies to Bluetooth headsets, so get yourself a little tripod to position your iPhone and you can take photos from further away. The world is your oyster!

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