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Most Popular Smartphones For Companies

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How do Contract Mobile Phones For Business Work

If you are looking for over 10 phones, the current usages and any changes you require are analyzed and a bespoke plan is produced, meaning the lowest price and the best networks are always advised. Save money with Sharer plans giving a bundle of minutes, texts and data that is shared between your users.

As always, you'll be given a monthly price for your business contract, so as long as your tariff seems acceptable and you can afford the price, you can find deal without issue. Of course, if you happen to have a bad credit rating, you can always hunt for specifically tailored deals here.

Which Network For Coverage?

Connections are made to O2, EE and Vodafone, all major UK networks with high population coverage areas on 3G and 4G. You can check all mobile coverage areas in the UK on OFcom's Website, this will ensure you know what areas you will have strong signal in the postcodes you will be expected to be using the mobiles most. 

For Best Plans Use Price Comparison

If you need to get yourself a business based smartphone, you shouldn't have to shop around to find the best deal. Instead, why not compare business smartphone deals with us, as we offer an array of phones that are perfect for using at work. Whether it's a brand new iPhone you need or a more resolute BlackBerry handset, you'll be able to hunt down the perfect device to guarantee that you can stay in touch with work regardless of your location.

You can also compare tariffs using our site as well, letting you balance up those minutes, texts and data allowances to ensure that your business contract is the right one for you. So, if you need access to corporate emails 24/7, make sure you get yourself a plan that has enough data to last you each month. Of course, we also offer plans to meet any budget, so if you want to avoid a costly high-end tariff or a budget contract, you'll be able to find the right deal with us.

It's Time For The iPhone

It's all about The iPhone.

We Offer a Great Price Promise

What's more, thanks to our price promise, any business tariff you might find direct from EE, O2 or Vodafone - we promise to match. On top of that, as a way of apologising we'll even cover the first month of your new business contract cost as well. So, we can guarantee that you get the best business mobile deal with us - even if you happen to find a better price with one of these networks.*

Get a Bespoke Business Review

If you help run a larger business, we can also offer you a tailored business review which can save you thousands of pounds every year. It works by having us compare the best deals to suit your individual business needs to find the one which fits the number of devices you need and budget you're working with.

There's no obligation for you to buy if you get a business review, so even if you find a better deal you won't be pushed into buying it. Meanwhile, we can assure you that you'll be able to access all the information you need before going through the the purchasing process.

Lead and Sharer Tariffs Explained

Here we show you how a sharer plan works for you and your business in simple terms.

Business Smartphone Deals

Staff Want better Communication

Staff CommunicationWe would be so much more productive if we could all have company mobiles.

Let's see if the boss can find a solution this is easy to manage for us all.

The boss wants the same too

The BossI agree my workers would be better off with a mobile working solution.

There are deals out there that offer us to share a large bundle of minutes, texts and data across all of our users for one simple monthly fee.

The tariff works by having a leader and multiple sharers.

I'm a Leader, I'm a Leader

Find the phone for your business needsAs the leader I hold the complete bundle of minutes, texts and datawhich I share out as the individual users need it.

The boss pays a monthly fee which seperates out as the leader line rental at a cost depending on the size of the inclusive bundle and then each sharer is billed at a much lower set fee each month

Here is an example of a business share tariff

As you can see there is a bundle package of 2000 minutes, 8000 texts and 8GB Data, this is then shared between all the phones, in this example there are 8 sharer phones.

Each bundle is a bespoke plan set up for your companies actual usage or estimated future usage in total.

example company phone usage

Now we all have a business mobile to help us work mopre efficiently without it costing the boss too much. Carphone Warehouse business worked it out according to the companies' usage patterns so the tariff leader has just the right amount of minutes, texts and data to meet our average monthly usage.

The boss doesn't get sky high bills as we nearly always stay within our allowance so we don't get those high out of bundle call charges.

*We promise to match any published price for a handset and business contract deal from O2, EE or Vodafone. This deal's available on all new connections. This offer doesn't include unpublished, or tailor made discounted deals. Rules of engagement apply to customers upgrading on their current network.

Best Business Mobile Phone Deals

So what's the popular choice for smartphones in companies? Take a look here and choose yours. You can find a huge selection on our site, all of which provide a mixture of great looks, powerful hardware and intuitive software. These deals cover all types of devices, including iPhones, Samsungs and even business focused BlackBerrys - ensuring that no matter what phone you want, you'll find the one to suit you.

Like all deals, we weigh up the best and worst that are on offer, to ensure you get the one to suit you and your business. We won't force a plan your way if you don't like the look of it, so you needn't fear getting burnt with a bad contract if you use our business smartphone deal finder.