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Virgin Mobile UK is a popular brand that offers great value for money tariffs and phones, which come in all shapes and sizes. Virgin mobile phones are available as self-branded models, often targeting the budget end of the market, and these sit along side phones that are available on Virgin from the main manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony and of course many more. The Virgin branded phones do however have some extra value, as these will be tailored specifically to take full advantage of the services and features offered by Virgin Mobile.      
The company is part of the Virgin Media Group and was the world’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator in 1999, meaning that their signal/coverage is provided by another network. The new Everything Everywhere network that is the collaboration of T-Mobile and Orange currently provides the network signal for Virgin. Again there are advantages here over a true network as Virgin hasn’t had to roll out a large and expensive network infrastructure and these savings have been passed onto the consumer with cheap calls, texts and data usage. Originally the company used T-Mobile for its signal but since the merger of Orange and T-Mobile customers have been able to connect to either signal, which has increased the signal coverage overall.      
The Virgin Mobile pay as you go range of phones offer fantastic value and many of the self branded Virgin phones are available on pay as you go, often with Virgin’s logo and a fun colour scheme or design. Virgin itself doesn’t actually manufacture these phones, they are usually from suppliers such as Alcatel or ZTE. The range of styles cover everything you may have seen such as flip designs that are great for protecting the keys and screen to QWERTY keypad models that are simply superb for writing emails or text messages, Facebook updates and Tweets.     
The Virgin brand also provides phones for contract customers and this range begins with simple basic phones all the way through to top-end smartphones. Again tailored to work with the company’s services you can expect to enjoy web browsing, photo features and media at its best. Also available under this brand is a range of USB dongles. These handy little gadgets can be plugged into a laptop of computer and use the networks signal to connect to the internet. This a particularly useful tool for those who wish to connect with a laptop when out and about and are competitively priced making them great for both personal and business users.      
There are over a million deals in the market today and these include offers for Virgin branded phones. You can save time here by not having to visit numerous websites in the search of the deal for you, make a search and compare the whole market in one convenient location.

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