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The T-Mobile brand in the UK began its life as Mercury One2One and this was the world's first network to use the GSM 1800 network signal. Several re-branding campaigns have taken place as the network changed its name to simply ‘One 2 One’ and then later in 2002 to ‘T-Mobile’ following on from its purchase in 1999 by Deutsche Telekom.       
Globally the company has 36,000 employees and 150-million subscribers making it the world's third largest mobile phone service provider. The company has interests in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, as well as interests further afield in the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.       
T-Mobile rolled out its 3G network towards the end of 2003 and this provided its customers with several options when choosing the T-Mobile brand. Standard phones and 3G smartphones are both available from various mobile phone manufacturers as well as self-branded phones that have been created just for the T-Mobile network.      
In early January of 2008 T-Mobile and Three merged their 3G and HSDPA networks to create the largest HSDPA mobile phone network in the UK making this a great brand from which to choose your next smartphone with pay as you go and contract options available. The company also offers a range of Unlimited Boosters for contract customers and these are a great way to get more of the things you like to do. The full range of boosters to choose from includes unlimited texts, unlimited landline calls and unlimited T-Mobile talk.  These boosters are completely flexible and you can change your booster at any time by text or through the T-Mobile website.      
In 2010 the T-Mobile brand and France Telecom's Orange Network merged operations to create the countries largest mobile network and increasing the appeal of T-mobile further. The new merger was named Everything Everywhere but both the Orange and T-Mobile names will be used separately on the high street for the foreseeable future.      
The T-Mobile service is also one of the most manageable solutions for your telecommunication needs and it’s easy to keep track of your usage on your mobile phone with a set of simple codes to dial to find out for free how much data, minutes and texts have been used.      
If you would like to compare deals for T-mobile branded phones then you can search the whole market here in one convenient location. You may also expand your search further to incorporate phones from other mobile phone manufacturers should you be seeking one of the latest smartphones from companies like HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG or Sony along with many others.

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