Sony Xperia XA

Do you want to give a new Sony smartphone a go? Lucky for you the all-new Sony Xperia XA was unveiled at MWC 2016, offering you the chance to pick up a new handset for a surprising price.

Say Hello to the New XA Mobile

Say hello to the Xperia XA

Bringing a brilliant Sony design to a mid-range market, the Xperia XA is the perfect phone to get your hands on if you fancy dodging those expensive flagship costs without sacrificing the way your new smartphone will look.

Boasting that classic Sony look, the Xperia XA certainly doesn't look like it would be offering you a saving, but by being cautious with its specs, Sony has made sure that this handset won't be the most expensive phone on the shelves.

When is it Released?

Want to get your hands on the Xperia XA now? So we wouldn't worry too much, why not take a look at which colour you'll be grabbing while you wait? Or take a look at the Xperia X?

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Information about the Handset

The newest Sony smartphone to date, the Xperia XA won't be stunning you with its specs, but it does more than enough to peak your interest, with enough quality to keep you handling all of those smartphone tasks without the huge outlay compared the Xperia X announced at the same time.

Offering the Android Marshmallow OS right out of the box, the software is nothing to be smirked at, whilst behind the scenes we also get a couple of other handy features. The battery is sizeable enough to keep you rolling without issue, whilst the HD display is also sharp enough to let you lose yourself in a film or gaming session without frustration. 

Xperia XA Release Date

Sony surprised all of us when the Sony Xperia Z6 didn't make an appearance at MWC, in Barcelona. But it did more than enough to appease any of our fears by announcing three new handsets in its place, with the XA one of them.

There's no confirmed release date as of yet for the Xperia XA, although it won't be too much longer until the phone is free to find on the shop floors, with April the most likely launch month for the phone. It will be unveiled along with the Xperia X Performance though...


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All-New Specs

The Sony Xperia XA is no flagship phone, but this doesn't force us to deal with shocking hardware, in fact we still get quite a show from Sony...

  • Screen: 5"
  • Camera: 13+8 MP
  • Battery: 2300 mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: 143.6 x 66.8 x 7.9mm
  • RAM: 2GB

Brand New Features

Omnibalance Sony Design

Meet the Xperia XAOne thing we've always known with Sony smartphones is that they look great. It doesn't matter if its the biggest flagship launch the company has ever made, or a budget phone aimed at emerging markets - Sony smartphones look brilliant. Part of this comes down to the Omnibalance design which Sony has implemented for several years now. Not only does it keep things looking clean and tidy, but it also fills the hand perfectly, with the XA showing off a stylish look and practical handling.

Add to this the brilliant selection of colours and you've got yourself one of the best looking smartphones in the business, with white, black, lime gold and rose gold all on offer, you'll be given plenty of selection from Sony with this launch.

Android Marshmallow

Android on the XASoftware plays a major role in any smartphone, and one system which is competing for the top spot next to iOS 9 is Android Marshmallow. Fortunately, Sony has done the hard work by including the new Google operating system into the Xperia XA for your benefit, so you wont be left struggling with antiquated kit.

The system comes pre-installed, so you've no need to worry about sorting it out yourself. Plus, Sony even includes its own Xperia UI to help it differentiate the system from that which appears on other Android phones. Adding extra security and even more apps than ever before, Android Marshmallow is an exciting inclusion on the Xperia XA.

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How much does the Xperia XA Cost on Contract?

New phones often come with hefty price tags, but Sony has ensured that the Xperia XA won't be setting you back too much if you do plan on splashing the cash on it. Despite its exciting design and decent specs, the XA isn't expected to damage your bank account too much, although we're yet to see a confirmed price tag for the phone.

What's the Price?

If you want to get the Xperia XA without an up-front cost, prices are expected to hit the £35/month mark, although by investing more cash at the beginning of the deal, you could see this cost drop.


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