Sony Xperia X2

Time for you to invest in a new smartphone? Maybe you should spare some thought for the Xperia X2, if you don't mind waiting for it that is.

Introducing the Upcoming X2 Smartphone

Meet the LG G5

Sony is well versed in smartphone manufacturing, and the Xperia X2 is further proof that it knows its stuff when it comes to flagship handsets - even if it's not quite arrived yet.

Set to feature a stunning style and top of the range specs, there's little that will compete with the X2 when it does appear in the near future.

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All about the new Smartphone

The next phone to come off the Sony production line, the X2 will bring yet another quality phone to the fray, so much so that it might prove to be one of the best phones from Sony to date. 

Featuring Google's Android OS and Sony's much-loved design traits, The X2 will undoubtedly sell well to flagship crowds and budget lovers alike due to its powerful build and cheaper price tag compared to other big name devices.

When is the X2 coming out?

Sony typically makes its launches at bigger smartphone events, meaning the X2 could make an appearance at MWC, which is based in Barcelona. This means that the phone will be shown off to the world's press all in one place. The same goes for if Sony favours IFA, which is based in September.

Of course, Sony will likely announce the phone at these events but release it a few weeks later, so prepare for a short wait following the launch of the phone...


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New Specifications Sheet

Sony won't be holding back with the specs on the X2, here's what we expect to see...

  • Screen: 5.3"
  • Camera: 25+18 MP
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Operation System: Android Nougat
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 4GB

Sony Xperia X2 Features

What features can you expect to see from the X2?

Retina Scanner

Retina Scanner X2Sony is sure to take the biometric step one further, this time by following the trail left by the Galaxy Note7 and its retina scanning technology.

The eye scanning feature is more secure than fingerprints and isn't affected by dirt or water, making it easier to use on a day to day basis as well.

Of course, this will probably mean that the X2 won't be the cheapest flagship phone available, as a lot of technology will be required to make the retina technology work. However, it should still price up cheaper than many other phones on the market, especially the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galayx efforts.

So, whilst you might bemoan the price tag for the phone, the feature itself will be more than worth the extra few pounds you'll spend on the device

Always On Display

Always On X2Sony is always trying to improve the practicality of its phones, and by adding an always on display it should make the X2 much easier to pick up and check, without being forced to unlock it.

This means that you'll get information about the time, your notifications and the date without having to touch a single button. What's more, it won't be a big drain on the battery either.

This will help those who regularly check their phone save some time, and could ultimately help the battery in the long run, as your phone is less likely to be found wanting power every time you would've unlocked the device.

Of course, these savings are negligible compared to the general convenience the feature will offer, which is the real point to it.

All Glass Design

X2 DesignIf it's a fancy design you're after, then the Xperia X2 will undoubtedly be a solid smartphone to invest in, providing a beautiful all-glass style to play with.

Offering water resistance with an IP68 rating as well, it's not fragile either, making it perfect for those who are ready to get right into the action or play it cool.

This will give the X2 a look of real professionalism and style, whilst also making the device easy to grip and use. Of course, coming in a range of colours as well, even the most fashionable smartphone fan will be able to find the Xperia X2 to suit them...

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How much will it cost - what's the best deal?

You can expect to pay upward of £40 a month if you do want to invest in the handset on launch...

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