Sony Xperia E5

This new Android smartphone brings you high quality with the simplest of touches, quick and easy with high-end features - a great new addition to the Xperia range from Sony.

The New Xperia E5 Phone

Say hello to the new Sony Xperia E5

Easy to use and featuring a stunning design, the Sony Xperia E5 is one of the newest smartphones from the Xperia line-up.

Aiming to bring great functionality and strong features to the mid-range market, the specs on the E5 might not be quite as impressive as they are on flagship phones, but you more than make up for it with the handset's top quality design and build.

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Find out about the new device

The Xperia E5 won't be gracing the headlines with its hardware or battle it out with the latest iPhone on the flagship charts, but if you're in need of a phone that works quickly and easily on a budget, you'll struggle to find much better.

Featuring Android 6.0, the Xperia E5 actually performs incredibly well for the specs it has, with its camera also proving extremely useful if you're into your photography. On top of this, its ease of use is unparalleled amongst other similarly priced devices, making it perfect if you're not too used to smartphones or want something a little bit simpler in your pocket.

When is the Xperia E5 coming out?

The Xperia E5 isn't one of Sony's bigger launches, avoiding the likes of MWC for a standalone announcement which took place in May. This meant that the launch was scheduled for June, offering the phone to a number of markets on launch.

Could the E5 be a hit?

This means that we can expect to see the E5 on shelves and in pockets by the end of the month, given that it sells well enough to be a common sight, of course.

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New Specs Sheet

As we said before, the specs aren't the biggest selling point for the E5, but what's on offer is still worth checking out...

  • Screen: 5.0"
  • Camera: 13+5 MP
  • Battery: 2700mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: 144 x 69 x 8.2mm
  • RAM: 1.5GB

Xperia E5 Features

Here are the best offerings on the Xperia E5...

Classic Sony Style

Fingerprint Scanner LG G5 Sony is well-known for offering quality design on its mobile phones, and as you might expect it doesn't falter on the Xperia E5. Offering the same brilliant style that has made the Japanese manufacturer so successful with previous offerings, the E5 looks and feels much better than its mid-range pricing might suggest.

It comes in with an incredibly slim profile and a classic Omnibalance look, all of which give the Xperia a professional feel that won't be drawing many off looks when you pull it out of your pocket. It comes in a white or black flavour, meaning it's perfect for the minimalist within you, whilst the button placement and layout is once again superb. In general, for a mid-range handset, it has all the look and style of a flagship, so you can't go wrong.

Two Day Battery

Always On LG G5If there's one part of our phones which always proves a disappointment it's the battery. Whether it's the latest iPhone or an older Samsung phone - battery life never seems to manage more than the best part of a day, that could be set to change with the Xperia E5, which promises a two-day battery life.

This doesn't just account for you keeping the phone locked up in your pocket either, with Sony assuring us that you can use the phone regularly and still go without an overnight charge each evening. It also effectively ensures that you won't need to worry about losing connection with your friends and family when you're out and about either.

Ease of Use

LG G5 BatteryIf you're tired of dealing with complex operating systems and tricky user interfaces then the Xperia E5 should be the perfect investment. It allows for super easy navigation with its simple Xperia UI, and with Android Marshmallow powering everything behind the scenes, you can rely on regular updates to keep it in shape.

Whilst the design of the phone is great, so is its handling - with its slim construction fitting perfectly into any hand. What's more the material used isn't hard to use and it doesn't weigh a tonne either - making it ideal if you don't want something too clunky or chunky inside your pocket.

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New launch devices often come with a high price, but that's not the case with the new Sony handset. In fact, using out deal finder can find a deal to suit any budget - although you might need to pay a bit extra each month if you don't want an up-front fee. Also, you can get mobile contracts with bad credit if you're struggling with your credit rating.

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If you want the best deal you can find for the Sony Xperia E5, you should expect to pay out around £15/month.


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