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The Sony Ericsson brand is world known and has achieved many firsts in the mobile phone industry with a focus on enriching the lives of customers with media features and high-end cameras included with its mobile phones.      In 1876 the first half of the Sony Ericsson brand was created by Lars Magnus Ericsson and his telegraph repair business located in Stockholm, Sweden. Much later on in 1946 Masaru Ibuka & Akio Morita founded the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. company that was later renamed in 1958 to Sony, forming the second half of the brand name.      
In 2001 the two companies merged and under the Sony Ericsson brand released the T68I phone, which also featured Sony Ericcson’s iconic logo for the first time. Newer technologies emerged and Sony Ericsson was at the forefront of developments. In 2003 the T610 was released at featured both a mobile phone and camera combined into one device.       
The popular music brand Walkman was the next feature to be rolled into a mobile phone and this saw a successful launch of the Sony Ericsson W800 in 2005. This year also saw Sony Ericsson’s greatest achievement with the K750, the first mobile phone to feature a 2-megapixel camera and this was followed later on by 5-megapixel, 8-megapixel and 12-megapixel camera launches within a variety of mobile phones. The development of imaging technology within the Sony Ericsson brand was further advanced with the launch of Cyber-shot on the K800.      
As environmental issues demanded further attention from the worlds largest companies, Sony Ericsson focused on sustainability in 2009 and produced a range of phones under the GreenHeart banner. In 2009 the company was the world’s 4th largest mobile phone manufacturer helped along with add-on services such as SensMe control that featured on the stereo MH907 Motion Activated Headphones. The latest popular series of Sony Ericsson phones included the Xperia X10 and Xperia X10 mini (which won several design awards) and the popular Android operating system was incorporated for the first time.     
By 2011 Sony Ericsson had over 3,000,000 Facebook fans and the first ever games console/phone was released with the Android powered Playstation smartphone. Early in 2012 Sony announced its intentions to buy Ericsson’s shares in the company and Sony Ericsson became Sony Mobile.     
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