Samsung Galaxy S8

Sick and tired of your Samsung Galaxy S7 already? Maybe you should consider the Galaxy S8 instead...

The New Galaxy S8 is coming...

Could the S8 look like this?

The next phone set to make its way onto the Samsung Galaxy S line-up, the S8 will be yet another flagship device for us all to drool over when it launches.

Sure to sport a brilliant design and top of the range specs, the S8 will be nothing to smirk at.

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Set to be the next Galaxy S phone to make the rounds, the S8 is sure to be a highly coveted device which won't be scared of leaking ahead of its official launch. 

Expected to bring the next Android operating system to the Samsung smartphone collection when it does launch, the S8 will pack high-end specs by the bucket-load, ensuring that fans won't be disappointed with its performance. On top of this, the design of the Samsung won't be letting us down either if the more recent handsets are anything to go by. They've all offered glass and metal construction which hit the mark from a fashion point of view, as well as proving surprisingly durable, with IP68 protection ratings.

When will we see the Galaxy S8?

This is one area that we can safely say we're likely to be able to predict with the S8, given that the S7 appeared at MWC, we can only assume that the S8 will go down a similar path and show up at next year's conference. This means that lucky visitors to the show will probably get the first real glimpse of the S8 in the flesh, although a full release date won't be too far behind.


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New Phone Specs

If there's something that's sure to impress on the Galaxy S8 it's the specs which are set to be included on the handset. Here's what you can expect to find when the phone comes out...

  • Screen: 5.2"
  • Camera: 18+8 MP
  • Battery: 3500mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

Read All About Galaxy S8 Features

Whilst the Galaxy S8 is still a while away, there's no harm in talking about some of the features it could be bringing to the market when it eventually launches.

Retina Scanner

Retina Scanner Every year this same rumour gets punted around like a well used football, but could the Galaxy S8 finally bring this extra security feature onto the market? Retina or iris scanning is much more secure than fingerprint technology, and it's also more accurate because sweat and dirt won't play a factor. You can even use iris scaning technology whilst wearing contact lenses.

Whilst we'd definitely support keeping fingerprint technology for features like Android or Samsung Pay for convenience, having iris or retina scanning tech would help our phones stay even more secure than they have been with recent advancements. Of course, this request is more in hope than expectation, but one day we're sure we'll see eye scanning mobile phones...

4K display

How about a 4K display?The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium showed the world that 4K isn't just for TVs and monitors. Since then we've yet to see another 4K screen on a mobile device. The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be set to change that, bringing a 4K screen onto a Galaxy S model for the first time in the company's history.

This kind of screen doesn't come cheap though, so you can expect the S8's price tag to be an expensive one, although it's well worth the extra cost for the top of the range quality. It helps the S8 be the best phone for video content, letting you catch the latest films in the best way possible, ditching the days of blurry resolution.

Huge Battery

Get a huge battery on your S8With all these features and specs, it's safe to say that the S8's battery will be capable of taking a real beating on a day to day basis. This means that it needs to be big, plentiful and long lasting - unlike some other smartphone batteries on the market.

Lucky for us, we can expect to see a 3500mAh effort join the fray, all whilst allowing for wireless charging at ridiculous speeds, which should keep Samsung fans connected almost all of the time. A USB-C connection is also a given, allowing for any way up charging...

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How much will the S8 cost without an up-front payment?

The Samsung Galaxy S line-up is never the cheapest, and the S8 is sure to follow in the footsteps of its older compatriots, but you needn't worry about it forcing you into bankruptcy. In fact, by using our deal finder, you should be able to track down the perfect deal for you when the phone arrives onto the market - even if you ditch the up-front cost. Alternatively, you can even find mobile contracts with bad credit through us as well.

What's the price and how do I find the best deal?

When the Galaxy S8 does arrive, you can expect it to cost upward of £45/month without an up front fee - if that's a bit much you could consider these S7 handsets instead.


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