Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Need your next look at the curved screen hype? Maybe it's time to consider waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge?

Time to meet the Galaxy S8 Edge

Could the S8 look like this?

The next edge display toting device to come off the Samsung conveyor belt, the Galaxy S8 Edge could be one of the best phones ever to hit the market.

Set to bring top quality specs and a much-loved design, could the S8 Edge hit the mark?.

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Sure to be the next phone to follow up from the Galaxy S7 Edge, the S8 Edge will undoubtedly offer the same dual edge screens and classy Samsung design - all whilst improving on its spec sheet. 

Likely to feature the next Android OS upon launch, the S8 Edge will also feature a bevy of high-end specs, guaranteeing that the S8 Edge will be up there in terms of quality. Given Samsung's track record, the design of the phone won't be anything to frown at either, with a metallic and glass build likely once again. As always, Samsung will also ensure that an IP68 certification makes the cut as well - keeping the phone from damage due to water and dust.

Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date

Following the S7 Edge's appearance at MWC, we reckon that the S8 Edge will follow suit, launching at the next yearly event. So, if you happen to have yourself a ticket to the Barcelona show, you could be getting the chance to see the S8 Edge in person - ahead of the phone's public launch.


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New Handset Specs

Below we take a look at some of the specs that we expect to make the cut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge. Will they get the job done?

  • Screen: 5.3"
  • Camera: 18+8 MP
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

Find out the Galaxy S8 Features

Admittedly, it's going to be a while until we get our hands on the S8 Edge, but that won't be stopping us looking at some of its potential features.

Retina Scanning Tech

Retina Scanner Sure it's not the most original rumour, but why couldn't we see this feature make the cut on the S8 Edge? Eye scanning technology is reportedly more secure than fingerprint tech and it's also much more accurate as well. What's more, even if you have contact lenses, it doesn't make any difference.

Fingerprint support should also be kept on the handset for the purpose of Samsung Pay and for easier access, but there'd be no harm in adding eye scanning tech as well. It would certainly offer up more buzz around the phone's launch as well, possibly upping the handset's sales in the process.

4K Quality display

How about a 4K display?QHD screens have really changed the way we see smartphones in today's world, but why should we stop there? The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium showed off the first mainstream 4K mobile display, so why not go out there and equal it? By bringing Ultra HD to the S8 Edge we wouldn't just have one of the best looking screens in the business, but it would also be in an exclusive club.

Of course, we may end up paying a bit extra for it, but given that the S8 Edge is likely to be expensive anyway, adding a little bit more of a cost to the device is unlikely to cause too much uproar. Of course, if Samsung decides to stick with QHD, we still won't be moaning, as it looks pretty awesome as well.

Bigger Battery

Get a huge battery on your S8It's a problem which is continuing to bother smartphone users far and wide, with features and specs getting more power intensive, but batteries continuing to underperform. This shouldn't be the case with the S8 Edge, as long as it takes our advice and boasts a suitably sized battery compared to the Galaxy S7.

We'll take the hit of having a slightly thicker phone if needs be, but if Samsung offers up a battery capable of lasting the best part of two days, we'll be thrilled. We'd also expect to see a USB-C connection as well, given that it's now becoming standard issue on smartphones.

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