Samsung Galaxy Note8

Get set for the next Samsung Note handset today - here's a quick glimpse at the Galaxy Note 8.

Find out about the Note 8 smartphone...

Say hello to the Galaxy Note 7!

With an extra-large display and fantastic specs, the next Note phablet will undoubtedly be one of the phones of the year when it launches..

Buy Yours in 2017

The Galaxy Note 8 will be on sale in 2017, with a release date normally around August or September - expect to be able to pre-order then.

Expected - 64GB - Choose A Colour

Blue       Silver     Gold     Black

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Watch The Official Video

Are you on the market for a new phablet? The Note 8 might just be the phone for you, set to offer amazing specs and a quality design, it will definitely be wowing anyone who gives it a go.

Although it’s not yet been made available for purchase, we'd recommend saving your cash up early, so that you can afford it when it does arrive next year.

Take a look at the official launch video for the previous Note smartphone here...


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Which Is The Best Mobile Network?

Take a look at some of the networks the Note 8 will be sure to work with when it's launched...





Tesco Mobile

Free Note 8 On Contract

Although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for free, you could get it with a low price tage when it's here.

Our bad credit mobile phone deals page also lets you find out if you could find the handset with a poor credit rating as well....

Our SIM-only deals are also on offer if you already have a handset.


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