Samsung Galaxy Note 6

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Get to know the New Note 6 Phone

Meet the Note 6

Samsung's biggest mainstream handset, the Galaxy Note's next instalment will bring even more power to a product line that never fails to impress. Boasting top of the range hardware and filled to the teeth with interesting and useful features, the Note 6 will no doubt be one of the biggest smartphone launches of 2016.

Set to be revealed later on this year, the Note 6, unlike the Note 5 in the UK could end up being the best phone ever made, with a stunning mix of beauty and power.

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Release Date for the Note 6

Samsung typically unveils its new Note device on a yearly basis, often favouring IFA in Berlin as a host event, scheduling a press announcement ahead of the show. The Note 6 might go down this path or launch completely seperately in the months before or after the show takes place.

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What's so good about it?

Whilst last year us fans in the UK were left uninvited to the Galaxy Note 5 party, it seems that Samsung will be extending the phone's reach our way this year, meaning we can all drool at the possibility of getting our hands on the Note 6.

Boasting the best Google operating system to date, the Note 6 won't be letting you down with its user experience. Meanwhile, by cramming in some of the most powerful specs we've yet to see in any smartphone, the Note 6 could well be the phone to look out for in 2016.

Finally, add to this Samsung's much loved S-Pen accessory and genuinely beautiful design mantra, and you've got yourself quite a phone on your hands, albeit a very big one.

Review - What to Expect from it?

There's no way to accurately predict the Note 6's entire spec sheet or design ahead of its launch, but that doesn't stop us giving it a go. Below you can take a look at a concept video of the Note 6, demonstrating what the phone could look like when it does decide to hit the market.

Please note, that this video in no way represents the finished product of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, nor was it created by, all credit goes to the listed YouTube channel through which this video is displayed.


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The New Samsung Specs

One thing you can be certain of with the launch of the Note 6 is that you'll get a host of great specs to play with, here are some of the expected Note 6 specs.

  • Screen: 5.7"
  • Camera: 20+8 MP
  • Battery: 3800 mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

Samsung Note 6 Features


S-PenIt's become a staple of almost every Galaxy Note launch to date, the S-Pen casts out stylus haters with an array of neat and useful features that make it much mroe than just a tool to keep that screen fingerprint free.

Allowing users to multitask much more efficiently, the S-Pen makes the Note 6 an ideal candidate for business phones, as you can deal with an email on one side of the screen, whilst tackling a tricky schedule mere inches away. It also gets the creative juices flowing, letting you use your own handwriting to add to notes or by simply letting you get artsy on your handset. As always, we expect Samsung to offer up even more quality with the stylus with this upcoming launch, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news about the S-Pen soon.

Always On Display

Always OnHaving been introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge this year, the all new always-on display is sure to make the cut on the Galaxy Note 6, adding to the practical features already employed on the phablet.

The screen doesn't just sit there and waste away your battery with this feature either, instead, it displays key information like the time, missed calls and received messages. This helps you keep a track of just what's going on with your phone without going through the effort of unlocking the display. It may well seem a bit trivial, but once you've got used to it, there'll be no going back to those older screens which need waking up all the time.

VR Fun

Gear VRVirtual reality is the next big step which smartphone companies are looking to crack, and Samsung hasn't been slow to adopt the feature - proven by the Samsung Gear VR. The Note 6 could help further raise Samsung's name in the VR market simply by working with the South Korean company's current headset.

However, by bringing further improvements to the kir, the Note 6 could well become the go to handset for VR shoppers, transporting them to completely different worlds at the touch of a button. Of course, graphical enhancements will no doubt add to the realism, but a real focus on software improvements might offer even more benefits.

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How much do I have to pay for the Note 6 without an up front cost?

A new flagship smartphone isn't the cheapest expenditure by any means, in fact it can quite easily become the largest lump sum you'll pay if you opt for a SIM-free deal. But you can save some of this cash right away by going for a pay monthly plan, all whilst getting the Note 6 with no up-front cost, paying off the handset each month. Of course, if you don't have the best credit rating you can find out how to get mobile contracts with bad credit.

What's the price?

The Note 6 will no doubt set you back over £45 each month if you do buy it without an up-front fee, although this can be knocked down if you do shell some cash out when you first get the phone.


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