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About Nokia

Nokia was founded in 1865 and was once the biggest mobile phone maker in the world. The company was split into two when Microsoft purchased the Nokia Devices and Services business in 2014. Certain board members wanted to buy all of Nokia, including its mapping service, but this wasn’t to be.

As Nokia was the biggest supplier of Windows Phones, the purchase seemed logical, although the venture is widely seen as failure. The first Windows Phone 7 phones were released in 2011 and the failure of these devices saw Nokia smartphone sales drop from number one in the world to number 10.

Today, Microsoft uses the Nokia branding on a range of basic phones, including the now discontinued Asha series, all of which use the traditional phone layout, with a small screen sitting above an physical alpha-numeric keypad.

The Nokia range also includes some of the first Windows Phones, such as the Nokia Lumia 630. In the future all new Lumia phones will be branded as Microsoft Lumia, while the Nokia brand will continue to generate huge sales figures at the cheap and basic end of the market.