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What do you think of the Lumia 550?The First Budget Windows 10 Smartphone

Microsoft’s first take on the mid-range market for Windows 10, the Lumia 550 is one of the most affordable Windows device on the market. But is it really worth your consideration when it comes to picking out your next pocket based piece of tech?

Could this Windows powered device be your next phone? We take a look at the Windows device to let you know if it’s worth investing in.

Lumia 550 Release Date and Prices

The Lumia 550 is available to buy now, following the launch of the flagship flavoured Lumia 950 and 950XL. Available from numerous retailers on plenty of different networks, the Lumia 550 is easy to find and well worth the cash you'll be paying for it.

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Microsoft Lumia 550 Specs

  • Screen: 4.7 inches
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery: 2100 mAh
  • Operation System: Windows 10 Mobile

Say Hi to Windows 10

The biggest addition to the Lumia 550 is obviously that of Windows 10. It brings a brilliant new design that works similarly to the Live Tile focus that was included on Windows Phone previously, and we also get better mobile app continuity to make use of – so you can keep going between Windows powered devices without issue.

Also, the latest Microsoft Edge browser is also making its way onto the mobile platform, giving you a new way to take in the internet via your smartphone, all for a cheaper price that a flagship phone with the Lumia 550.

Plus, if you don’t want a new phone, you should be able to download it onto your older Windows devices, so you needn’t miss out even if you aim on sticking with your device for a while.

The Best UK Networks - Which one will you connect to?

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