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About Microsoft

As one of the world’s most recognised brands, Microsoft has a history dating back to 1975. The global company floated in 1986 and the share price rise created three billionaires, while 12,000 Microsoft employees became millionaires.

Microsoft completed its purchase of Nokia in 2014 and subsequently moved the branding of new smartphones from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia. The latest Microsoft smartphones are powered by its own Windows 10 operating system and existing compatible Windows phones can be upgraded free-of-charge to Windows 10.

The Windows 10 experience gives a consistent experience across all Windows devices and the operating system offers a number of key features. Cortana is the digital assistant for Windows phones and the voice operated service can set reminders, make internet searches and more, all while keeping itself in sync with Windows PCs or laptops.

High-end smartphones like the Lumia 950 support the Continuum feature. This allows the phone to connect to a keyboard and monitor and the phone up-scales apps for use on a bigger scree, making these phones ideal for business use.

Further Microsoft features that can be taken advantage of on its phone range include Skype, the Bing search engine, Microsoft Office (created in 1990 and comprising of Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Xbox Live.