LG X Screen

Ready to try something a bit different? Maybe you should be introduced to the LG X Screen, a mid-range phone with a big difference...

Meet the all-new X Screen

Meet the LG X Screen

It might not be a flagship phone, or one that's particularly well-known in the UK, but if you fancy trying something slightly different with your next handset, the LG X Screen could be the perfect investment for you..

Boasting a mid-range spec sheet and one of the more interesting features of recent years, the LG X Screen might just be a dark horse for 2016, punching well above its weight class.

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Get to know the new handset

Given that it's come from almost nowhere, we understand that you might not know too much about the LG X Screen - so we thought we'd fill you in.

Offering up Android Marshmallow behind the scenes and a smooth, elegant design, the LG X Screen is a smart investment, especially if you want to save some cash each month. Boasting a unique secondary display at the top of the main screen, LG's clearly thought outside of the box with the mid-ranger, and it could prove to be enough to really differentiate the handset from its competitors.

Is the LG X Screen out now?

You know it. Following its announcement in February, the X Screen hit the UK market in March - preceding the launch of LG's flagship G5 handset. Take a look at the X Screen with this video...


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Phone Specs Sheet

Admittedly, the LG X Screen isn't the most powerful phone on the market, but its specs sheet is still plenty powerful enough ...

  • Screen: 4.93"+1.76" 
  • Camera: 13+8 MP
  • Battery: 2300mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: 142.6 x 71.8 x 7.1mm
  • RAM: 2GB

LG X Screen Features

Think you know about the LG X Screen? Here are some of the features you should give a second glance...

Always-on Second Screen

Fingerprint Scanner LG G5 There are only very few phones on the market which successfully employ a second independent display, and the LG X Screen is looking to join that club. Sticking the second screen at the top of the main display, the individually operated area displays notifications and can have its own signature to add some flavour to the phone even when it's locked.

You can have it set so that's always on, using up just 0.8% of the battery each hour, letting you get vital information like the time and notifications without needing to do anything. The screen also offers a way of accessing quick settings or selected apps, helping you speed up the use of the phone. As a whole it's a very useful addition which could make its way onto the likes of the G6 in the future.

Android Marshmallow

Always On LG G5Android is well-known as one of the best mobile operating systems on the market, and the latest rendition of the software is one of the most interesting of recent times. Boasting extra security along with plenty of behind the scenes changes, Marshmallow is included on the X Screen right out of the box, and is likely to get an update when Android N rolls around as well.

This ensures that as a user you aren't left handling a buggy system that's not cared for - quite the opposite, in fact. Google regularly looks at the latest OS and implements changes fairly regularly. This effectively guarantees that you're phone will be in tip-top condition under the hood, even if it isn't in the greatest shape physically.

Premium Look and Feel

LG G5 BatteryWe said that the software looked good, and the same goes for the actual design that LG has included on the X Screen as well. Whilst the mid-range pricetag might have you thinking that the phone will have something of a budget feel to it, you're actually quite mistaken.

In fact, the X Screen's solid and smooth construction is nothing to frown at, with its deisgn not too disimilar to that we see on a yearly basis from some of the biggest names in the business. It's ideal for day to day use or for more professional pockets and won't be hard to manage. What's more, a 7.1mm construction also ensures that it's nice and slim, for that added cool factor.

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How much does the X Screen cost with no up-front payment?

Given the mid-range specs, the LG X Screen doesn't actually come in too costly when it comes to paying for the handset. Fortunately, if you don't want to pay an up-front fee, you can find LG deals for less than £20/month, making it very affordable. Of course, this depends on the tariff you choose and the network you opt for, so it's always worth comparing deals before investing right off the bat.

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Want even more info? Take a look at LG's website for the latest X Screen news, or have a glance at our LG G5 review instead...

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