Do you want a new LG handset? or are simply considering your options with future handsets? Well maybe you should take a look at the LG G6 which will be launched in 2017...

Time to meet the new LG G6 handset

Meet the LG G5

Following up from the G5, the LG G6 will be the next LG flagship smartphone to hit the market with a launch likely to take place in the early part of 2017.

Boasting a modular feel and strong specs, the G5 was one of the big surprises of MWC 2016, so could the G6 rock a similar style when it appears?

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All about the future handset

The LG G5 was an impressive device, bringing the first mainstream modular design to the UK mobile market. The next LG device is likely to rock a similar feature, possibly with even more modules to connect to.

With Android once again running the show on the software front, the G6 will undoubtedly be one of the most highly anticipated launches of 2017. Offering better specs and even more features than last time out, it's likely to go on show at MWC - but will it be worth investing your cash in?

When is the LG G6 released?

LG is likely to piggyback on one of the yearly calendar's mobile conferences to give the G6 a solid foundation to launch from, with MWC the stand out option once again to feature the handset for the first time. What makes this more likely is that the G5 also used the event to announce itself to the market, wowing the crowds in Barcelona ahead of its April 2016 launch.

For more information about the G5, check out the video below:

Of course, we won't have official information about the LG G6's launch date until the South Korean company gives it to us, however, we'll keep our eye out for more news as the release comes closer.


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New Spec Sheet

The G5 specs were definitely a pleasant surprise, but the G6 could offer even more quality behind the scenes. Here's the hardware we think could be on show with the G6...

  • Screen: 5.4"
  • Camera: 18+12 MP
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Operation System: Android Marshmallow
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

LG G6 Features

With the new handset set to launch in 2017, we don't quite have all the information we'd want about it, but there are still some features we can expect to make the cut on the device.

More Modules

The LG G6 modules might be more plentiful...The G5 was one of the first phones to introduce a modular design to the mainstream market, so it would seem crazy for the G6 not to continue that trend in some shape or form. Named the 'LG Friends', the modules have been a solid addition to the G5, but are in fairly short supply, meaning that there should be more on offer when the G6 rolls around next year.

Thoughts on what these modules will bring to the G6 have been mixed, with ideas fairing from ridiculously large battery packs to handheld gaming controllers. However, for most smartphone fans the general feel is that the more modules that are on offer, the better the G6 will be. This is because more mobile phone fans could be drawn into the G6 if modules suiting their taste are launched - further expanding the G6's demographic.

Retina Scanner

Will we finally see a retina scanning phone?One of the most outrageous rumours of the past couple of years. Following the development and utilisation of fingerprint scanners, the obvious step forward with biometric technology is to go to retina scanning, which is more secure and easier to read.

Unlike fingerprint scanning technology, retina scanning isn't affected by water, sweat or dirt, which can lead to innacurate readings. Also, you can still wear contact lenses and have your retina read without issue, so you needn't worry about being left out because you frequent the opticians' office more often. What's more, your retina is also much mroe secure than your fingerprint, meaning our phones will be even safer than ever before.

Wireless Charging

LG wireless charging could come back...One of the biggest omissions from the G5 was that of a wirelessly chargeable battery, something that was originally slated as a certainty. This was likely down to the fact that the battery was removable, with LG putting its transportability ahead of any wireless capabilities that the battery may have.

It's unlikely that LG will make this mistake again, with the G6 likely to feature the same ability to replace the battery quickly as well as providing wireless charging. This would allow LG fans to get the most out of the G6's battery as possible, all without relying on wires to keep them going.

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How to get the LG G6 for free on pay monthly

The LG G6 will be expensive when it does launch, but that's not to say you won't be able to find a deal to suit your budget. Plans offering the G6 will likely be available, but will be on the more costly side of the frame when you look at the monthly bill. However, if you're willing to shell out the extra amount each month, you could quite easily dodge a larger outgoing when you initially take out the contract.

What's the best deal I'll find?

If you choose a no up-front cost G6 deal, you'll probably end up spending over £45/month, although deals will vary massively as you increase the handset payment. You might be able to get some guidance by looking at deals for the G5 here...


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Need more detail? Go to LG's website for all the latest, or read our LG G5 review to put your feelers on the previous launch...

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