One of the best and most memorable phones from LG, the G4 brings high-end specs along with a unique and intuitive design, providing one of the best smartphone experiences on the market.

Introducing The G4 Phone...

LG G4 Possible Design

Boasting a 5.5" QHD screen along with a host of other high end specs, the G4 is one of the best phones ever made, and with LG's creative build on show, it makes for one of the most impressive looking smartphones as well. So, if you're eager to invest in a new phone, the LG G4 could be the way to go...

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Get to know the LG G4 phone

LG is well known for producing high-end smartphones with brilliant designs, so it's no surprise to the see the price of the G4 sit at the higher tier of the market either. However, seeing as the G4's been around for a while now - you can actually find some pretty good deals with the device, even with some plans coming for no charge up-front.

Plans obviously vary in price depending on the tariff you choose, so if you splash the cash with unlimited minutes, texts and data, you can obviously expect a rather costly monthly bill to pay as well. Also, the more cash you spend on the handset up-front, the less you'll need to worry about paying on a monthly basis, so it also pays to spend a fair bit of money when you take out a deal for the LG G4.


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We take a look at the new and exciting functions and technology behind the fancy design.

Features - Screen charging and functional rear buttons

The LG G4 certainly doesn't disappoint with its specs, but the features of the phone also impress the crowds, with plenty on offer should you decide to pick up the G4. Take a look at some of the LG features making the cut here...

QHD Quality

The LG G4 certainly shows off one of the best displays on the smartphone market, that's for sure. Rocking a 5.5" phablet style screen, QHD resolution is also crammed in, allowing for a super sharp and vivid level of performance. Also, with Gorilla Glass 3 included in the construction, the G4's display can take a real beating as well, making it ideal for users who don't mind a bit of rough and tumble.

Wireless Charging

Batteries are a common cause for concern with any smartphone, with plenty of users complaining about poor performance (with many reminiscing about the days fo the Nokia 3210). However, the G4 definitely does its best to emulate the seemingly never-ending lifespan of the 3210, with a 3000mAh juicepack included as standard. To help with your charging, it even works wirelessly, and can get up to 60% after just 30 minutes plugged in.

Rear Buttons

Almost a standard offering from LG nowadays, the G4's power and volume buttons find their way onto the back of the device, rather than the more orthodox front and sides. Not only does this differentiate the handset from other devices on the market, it also actually works really well, with the set-up taking just a few moments to get used to.

Want to know more read the full G4 review and find out all about it.

The main LG G4 Specifications

Interested in the hardware that makes the cut in the LG G4? Here's a quick rundown of the handset's specs...

  • Screen: 5.5 inches
  • Camera:16 MP
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh
  • Operation System: Android™ 5.1, Lollipop
  • Dimensions: Height:149MM   width:76.1MM   Depth:9.8MM
  • Weight:149g

LG G4 vs LG G Flex2 - what's the differences?

One of the biggest competitors that the G4 has to face is from its own brethren, with the LG G Flex2 proving to be another interesting launch from the manufacturer. But how does the G4 compare to the G Flex2?

Whilst the specs of each phone are relatively similar, the G4 does boast a sharper display and a more powerful set of cameras. However, the G Flex2's improved chipset and curved design certainly make it an interesting battle between the two LG phones... 

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The LG G4 is a flagship phone, so demands a flagship cost as well, however there's no stopping you picking up the handset without an up-front cost - as long as you do your homework.

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By comparing LG mobile phone deals, you can find plenty of plans that suit a small up-front budget, although you will end up paying a higher monthly rate if you do choose a deal like this, maybe it's time to check out the new LG G5 after it's release in 2016, the new modular phone.


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What's next?

You know what happens every year, every manufacturer brings out a whole host of new handsets and importantly a new flagship. So what's instore for the LG G5 then?

Rumours of curves and bendy screens were there for the G4 , what will MWC 2016 be showing off?

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