LG G Flex

The LG G Flex is LG’s first attempt to create a flexible smartphone, with a curved screen and back. With its large, 6-inch screen and powerful performance, will you be tempted to buy this bendable handset?

LG Flexible Phone

Take a look at the LG G Flex!

A flexible smartphone with a self-healing back, the G Flex is the first bendable plastic phone by LG with a curved body and screen, with a 6-inch display.

If you’re looking for an innovative smartphone that is completely different from everything else on the market, get your hands on this flexible LG handset today!

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There are currently no deals on offer for the LG G Flex - but take a look at the next handset in the series, the G Flex 2!

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LG G Flex Product Video

Take a look at the official release video by LG before deciding if you want to splash out on the brand's first flexible smartphone.

Costing around £200 SIM-free, it's an affordable mid-range handset that you won't regret buying! Impress all your friends by showing them just how bendable and resistant your brand new phone is. Flex it all the way around and it still won't break!


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LG G Flex Features and Specs

Curved Smartphone

The handset's curved body and display measure 6 inches across, with the world's first curved battery inside allowing for a beautifully bent shape. The phablet features a curvature of 700mm, and the power buttons have been placed on the rear side for easier access.

The back of the phone is resistant to scratches, and feels luxurious in the hand in spite of its plastic casing.

Self-Healing Back

This curved LG Android smartphone has self-healing powers. A protective film protects its plastic back from scratches such as coins, keys or nails.

Try it for yourself and watch any minor scratch you make disappear in 20 seconds!

Great Battery life

LG innovated and created the world's first curved battery - but that's not all! It's also incredibly powerful and will last you for up to 15 hours of talk time.

The 3500 mAh battery will also last for up to 720 hours on stand-by - that's one month!

Good Camera

A more than capable camera, with 13-megapixel resolution and fantastic autofocus, as well as a powerful LED flash for all your low-light needs. 

Have a look at our LG G Flex 2 Review right here...



Mobile Networks for LG Handsets

Most LG phones are available from every UK network provider, and this goes for the G Flex as well – choose from O2, EE, Vodafone, Three, Tesco Mobile, and more.

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Tesco Mobile

Getting a LG G Flex on Contract

Unfortunately, there are no deals available at the moment for this handset. Why not upgrade and go straight for the next phone in the series?

Have a look HERE for the best G Flex 2 deals, and have a look on LG's website for the LG G Flex.

Check out our bad credit mobile phone deals if you’re looking for the easiest way to get a smartphone on contract with no credit check.

There’s also plenty of SIM-only deals available for you if you're already in possession of a handset but just need a SIM card.


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