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Kazam deals

Kazam deals

Kazam offers a wide range of smartphones with a focus on offering great technology at affordable prices.

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About Kazam

Founded in 2013, Kazam is a new mobile phone manufacturer that operates in 15 European countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Poland and Spain. Kazam is a clever-thinking brand that is focused on innovating where others don’t.

One of Kazam’s most notable phones is the Kazam Tornado 348, which gained notoriety when it was launched, with its 5.15mm thick body that made it the thinnest smartphone in the world. Kazam smartphones are powered by Google’s Android operating system and most commonly, Mediatek processors.

Kazam offers a series of unique benefits to its customers, such as a standard two year warranty that can be upgraded to a three year warranty. Where offered, the owner needs to register their phone with Kazam and download three apps from the Kazam Recommends app to qualify.

Kazam Rescue gives remote access to Kazam agents, should a problem occur, and in most instances the agent can fix a high-proportion of problems without the phone ever leaving the owner’s hand. Where stated, Kazam also offers a free screen replacement on the first breakage, with certain phones.