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As a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy equipment, JCB is most well known for producing forklifts, digger and other durable site equipment. Although JCB’s range of mobile phones is a little less well known, they are an essential element in the market as JCB puts its tough and durable engineering skills into a product line that can withstand harsh environments such as those found on building sites.     
The JCB mobile phone series now has a dedicated group of followers and the unique design of these phones will allow them to be used in any conditions, for work or with extreme sports fans. A JCB phone also stands out in the crowd as each new design features JCB’s trademark yellow and black colour scheme along with special ringtones and screensavers. The display of each screen receives a special coating to protect it against scratches and the ruggedised casing protects the most vulnerable parts such as the headphone jack and power connector.      
The rugged phone concept soon became popular as most consumers insisted in taking their phone with them into any and all situations. JCB keenly developed the concept and today the office and work site need never be disconnected. Dust and water resistance is featured and is one of the most desirable characteristics along with Gorilla glass screens that can withstand a heavy impact.      
The initial products were received well with a set of simple features falling second to the rugged shell that made them tougher than a brick. As technology and consumer demands grew JCB phones moved with the times and smartphone type features were incorporated to sit alongside the original set of practical aspects. A particular favourite with builders, the JCB phone range can also withstand a drop and have proved themselves time and time again.     
A selection of handy features are to be found in side and one of the most popular was the Walkie Talkie capabilities that allowed workers to communicate over a work site without the need to instigate an actual phone call through the network. Laser levels and torches were also incorporated adding further to the desirability of a JCB phone with workers whilst a built-in altimeter and compass that features on several models are popular with those who enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing.     
It’s clear that the JCB range is ideally suited for work and play and JCB even has something for those who do not want to loose the smartphone features, with the inclusion of the popular Android operating system.     
Here you can compare the JCB range, investigate the resilience offered with IP certification and find the best deals in the market today.

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