HTC 11

Tired of messing around with the HTC 10? Is it time to think about the HTC 11?

The New HTC 11

Could the HTC 11 look like this?

The next phone set to make its way onto the HTC line-up, the HTC 11 will be yet another flagship device that we'll undoubtedly be eager to play with..

Set to bring yet another brilliant design, the HTC 11 could well be the best phone of 2017.

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It seems a long time away but it will be here sooner that you think.

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Upcoming Phone Review

Sure to be the next HTC flagship phone, we know little about the HTC 11 right now, but it could prove to be a dark horse when it does finally arrive next year.

It's touted to feature the next Android instalment, Android N, and is also likely to rock HTC's classic design - which typically boasts a metallic chassis and a smooth finish around the edges. On top of this, you can also expect to see top quality features and specs make the cut, all of which will help the HTC 11 become on of 2017's most highly anticipated mobile launches.

When will we see the HTC 11?

Given that the HTC 10 popped up around MWC, we can only assume that the next HTC phone will opt for a similar method. This means that lucky visitors to the show will probably get the first real look at the phone, although a full release date won't be too far off following its announcement.


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New Mobile Specs

HTC is well-known for bringing top quality specs to the fray, and we expect no less with the HTC 11. Here are the things we expect to see inside the handset...

  • Screen: 5.2"
  • Camera: 20+13 MP
  • Battery: 3500mAh
  • Operation System: Android N
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

Read All About HTC 11 Features

Whilst the HTC 11 is still a while off, we don't think there's any harm in guessing at some of the features we could see on the phone when it launches.

Iris Scanning Technology

Retina Scanner We get this rumour year on year, with no phones really pushing for it that much, but could the HTC 11 break that trend? Iris scanning is clearly the next step for biometric technology, and is more secure than fingerprint scanning without struggling with dirt or water - you can even scan an iris with contact lenses on, making it accessible for the majority of the UK.

Fingerprint scanning shoudl stick around of course, as it's much more practical when it comes to using biometrics to pay for goods through Android Pay, but having iris scanning for extra security would be useful. We may be hoping for a lot with this feature, but we have our fingers crossed that we could finally see it on the HTC 11.

4K display

How about a 4K display?QHD is great, don't get us wrong - but going one step up with the HTC 11 could prove the biggest selling point for the phone when it launches. Sony has done 4K with the Xperia Z5 Premium, so doing the same on the HTC 11 shouldn't be too difficult on a technical basis. 

This kind of quality won't be cheap, so if HTC goes down this route you could see the 11's price tag climb, but could it be a fair price to pay for the added quality? It would certainly help the HTC 11 differentiate itself from the crowd, and it would make it perfect for watching films and videos - let's hope HTC goes the distance with it, shall we?

Huge Battery

Get a huge battery on your HTCIt's a major issue for nearly all smartphones at the moment - battery life is struggling to kep up with advancements in other areas. The best way for HTC to rectify this without some miracle discovery is to allow for a bigger battery - and one which last more than 48 hours if at all possible.

Thankfully, rumours point to a 3500mAh battery making the cut could offer this kind of quality, meaning you wouldn't have to rely on an overnight charge each and every evening to keep you going. We're still holding out hope for a revolutionary battery to crop up at some point, but until then we'll have to cope...

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When the HTC 11 does arrive, you can expect it to cost upward of £35/month without an up front fee - if that's a bit much you could consider these HTC 10 handsets instead.


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