HTC 12

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The HTC 12

Could the HTC 11 look like this?

HTC's flagship range will continue followin up from the 11, with the HTC 12 likely to make an appearance in 2018.

Sure to offer a stylish look and powerful specs, the HTC 12 could be a game changer when it's released.

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What to expect from the new phone...

The HTC 12 is still a bit of a mystery at the moment, thanks to its release date not being likely until 2018, but there's still some information we can consider before its launch.

Likely to feature Android M and HTC's very own Sense UI, it's expected to be a strong offering on the flagship market. As always, HTC's design input is sure to be up there amongst the best as well - meaning that the HTC 12 should look good on the outside as well as the inside, with a bevvy of specs sure to bring quality all-round.

When will the HTC 12 come out?

HTC is normally quite predictable with its smartphone launches, with MWC often the foundation for any release. This means that the HTC 12 could debut at MWC 2018, likely to be in March or February. However, just because the phone is revealed then, it doesn't mean it will be on sale from then - with a release date likely to be delayed for a few weeks after the event.


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Smartphone Specs

Here's a glance at what we expect to be included in he HTC 12 when it makes an appearance...

  • Screen: 5.4"
  • Camera: 21+15 MP
  • Battery: 3500mAh
  • Operation System: Android M
  • Dimensions: TBC
  • RAM: 5GB

HTC 12 Features

The HTC 12 is still a while away, but there's nothing stopping us from predicting its features, right?

Eye Scanning

Retina Scanner A long running rumour that's common with nearly all major flagship rumour pages nowadays, iris or retina scanning is now a big deal. The likes of Samsung have already utilised it, meaning that a full mainstream collection of these biometric technologies aren't far away.

Fingerprint scanners have been used before by HTC, so making the move to eye scanning isn't a massive step forward, and it would make for a more secure device in general. On top of this, eye scanning technology isn't affected by the likes of dirt or water, and even works if you're wearing contact lenses.

4K display

How about a 4K display?The next major move for mobile phones is the jump from QHD to 4K in terms of screen resolution. Whilst it's not seen very regularly at the moment, phones like the Xperia Z5 Premium have already proven that it can be done.

Of course, this will likely mean that the HTC 12 will rock a fairly large price tag, but with the added quality it'll make video and image viewing even better - more than worth the price for many.

Huge Battery

Get a huge battery on your HTCBattery problems are common across nearly all smartphones - be it the latest iPhone or even older devices. But whilst we wait for an improvement in battery technology, increasing their size is the only realistic way to make our phones last longer.

This should mean that the HTC 12 should be offering a larger battery than ever to cope with the extra screen size and specs that are expected to feature. This could finally offer up to a full week's worth of battery, given some rather economic usage of course...

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How much will the HTC 12 cost without an up-front payment?

HTC  isn't the cheapest smartphone manufacturer on the market, but it's also far from the most expensive as well, making most of its devices (even the flagship ones) very affordable, even without an up-front payment. By using our deal finder, you can even hunt down the right deal for you, with or without an up-front phone fee. If you have poor credit, you can even find mobile contracts with bad credit through us as well.

What's the price and how do I find the best deal?

When the HTC 12 does arrive, you can expect it to cost upward of £35/month without an up front fee - if that's a bit much you could consider these HTC 10 handsets instead.


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