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About Doro

Doro is a global company with nearly 40 years of experience operating in the telecoms sector. It sells mobile phones to more than 30 countries and since 2009, the company has solely focused on its manufacturing of easy phones and smartphones.

The phones created by Doro are designed for elder generations and seniors, with the aim of helping people to live safer, easier and have a more fulfilling everyday life. Doro simply delivers products that answer the real-needs of seniors.

Doro mobile phones include several key features that stand them apart from traditional phones. These features include the My Doro Manager, which enables trusted friends and family, in any locations, to give remote assistance. In addition to this, the Remote Help feature enables a Doro operator to remotely access the phone for help and diagnosis.

The 2G and 3G internet capable phones have an Assistance Button, which automatically calls, in sequence, pre-chosen emergency numbers, until the call for help is answered. Doro phones are HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) and anyone can get going quickly by using the built in Start Up Guide and Discovery Guide.

Although designed for the elderly, the range of Doro phones includes those that have email, GPS, loud speakers and simple weather functions.