iPhone 7s

Looking forward to getting a new iPhone? Why not skip the iPhone 7 and opt for the 7s, which could be due in 2017?

Waiting for the iPhone 7s?

Meet the iPhone 7

Sure, it's a long way off - but why can't we get excited about the iPhone 7s? Take a look below to find out what the iPhone 7s may be able to bring to the table when it does make its way onto the market.

Likely to hit the market in September 2017, the iPhone 7s will be the obvious successor to the iPhone 7, bringing a similar design to its predecessor, but with an improvement to the spec sheet. This should make the 7s one of the phones to look out for in the future, with features and specs to die for.

Waiting to Invest?

Do you plan on splashing the cash on the iPhone 7s? Take a look at the colours we expect to see and plan ahead.

Coming Soon  - 32GB / 64GB / 128GB - Colour

Grey       Silver     Gold    Pink

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Get to know the upcoming Apple phone...

Admittedly, we don't know very much about the purported handset, but here's what we think will be the case with it...

When will the iPhone 7s be available in the UK?

Like always, we imagine that Apple will stay firm to its yearly September iPhone announcements, meaning that following the iPhone 7's expected release this year, that the iPhone 7s will most probably be a year later in September 2017. However, just because Apple normally sticks to this schedule, it doesn't mean this release date is a nailed down certaintly, so don't be surprised if it ends up being a little bit different than what we predicted...


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Expected Specs

Obviously, there's no way we can know the specs which will be included in the iPhone 7s, but here are the specs we expect to be on the mark...

  • Screen: 4.8"
  • Camera: 20 MP
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Operation System: iOS 11
  • Dimensions: TBA
  • Waterproof: IP68

Concept video of the iPhone 7s

Please note, this video is a concept of the iPhone 7s, it in no way represents the finished device.

New Features

Apple's array of features is always impressive, and although it's a while off, we expect the same from the iPhone 7s as well - here's what could be included.

iOS 11

We're still drooling over iOS 10, but as with any new iPhone we get a new operating system update to play with as well. There's likely to be a brand new look and a number of extra apps or features included - although what we'll get is a bit of a mystery.

Iris Scanning Technology

It's sure to come around sooner or later, although the iPhone 7s would be a great device to include it in for its debut unveiling. Iris scanning is more secure than fingerprint scanning, and it doesn't get put off by dirt or sweat either - now that's what we'd call an improvement.

Apple Ads...

We will be showing Apple's own adverts and also the live announcement videos when available, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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How much will I need to pay up front for the iPhone 7s?

Apple isn't a cheap manufacturer, and as is the case with any high-end mobile launch, the price is always likely to be high. However, Apple has been more bank acocunt friendly over recent years. The iPhone 7s is likely to be costly, but don't expect the cheapest memory option to be much more than £700 - which is often reduced into monthly handset costs to go along with contract deals. Of course, if it's a SIM free phone you're after then you'll be paying the full amount up-front.

What about upgrading my old iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals and HTC 10 offers also target potential upgraders, meaning that you'll probably have a toss up between a number of manufacturers to deal with when you plan on moving on from your old phone.

Generally the fight is between Samsung's and Apple flagship models but could we see more brands join the battle?

Sony Xperia Z6 deals could be a realistic challenge for the iPhone, whilst the LG flagship could also be a troublemaker for the iOS toting device. Either way, competition is likely to offer customers better deals in the long run.

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