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Is it time to go up a size? Why not wait for the iPhone 7s Plus to make an appearance?

Planning on buying the iPhone 7s Plus?

Meet the iPhone 7

Admittedly a long way off, the iPhone 7s Plus isn't due to appear until September 2017, but if you've invested in the 6s or 6s Plus, it could be the ideal step up when your contract is up. Find out all about it here...

Expected right alongside the iPhone 7s, the 7s Plus will obviously boast a larger display and possibly some more powerful specs, but as is the case with previous launches, its flavour will be similar to its smaller brother. So, if you're looking ahead to future launches, why not give some thought to the iPhone 7s Plus?

It's coming... Eventually.

Do you plan on splashing the cash on the iPhone 7s Plus? Here is how we expect it to shape up...

Coming September 2017  - 32GB / 64GB / 128GB - Colour

Grey       Silver     Gold    Pink

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Find out about the Apple handset

Given that it's so far off, we don't have a wealth of knowledge about the iPhone 7s. But here's what we figure so far about it...

When will the iPhone 7s Plus be in the UK?

Apple always keeps its smartphone releases to a strict schedule, regularly keeping to a September schedule. This means that the 7s and 7s Plus will most likely be hitting the market sometime in September 2017, a year following the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Pre-orders are typically very busy when it comes to the iPhone, so prepare for lots of demand if you do plan on investing - and possibly a wait on delivery.


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Expected Specifications

Here you'll find the specs that we imagine will be involved with the iPhone 7s Plus...

  • Screen: 5.5"
  • Camera: 20 MP
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Operation System: iOS 11
  • Dimensions: TBA
  • Waterproof: IP68

iPhone 7s Plus Concept

Please note, this video is a concept of the iPhone 7s Plus, it doesn't represent the finished device in any shape or form.

New Smartphone Features

Apple always puts in the effort for its features, and the iPhone 7s Plus will be no different - with these the expected features we'll be playing with...

iOS 11

iOS 10 is set to feature on the iPhone 7 and its brethren, meaning it'll be iOS 11 that handles the heavy lifting with the 7s and 7s Plus. Expect to see a new look, extra apps and even more quality behind the scenes - hopefully with battery efficient programming as well.

Iris Scanning Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 has shown off retina scanning technology most recently, so it would be a surprise to see Apple dodge a similar feature. It would obviously be beneficial for security, but also with Apple Pay and other biometric apps.

Apple Ads...

We will be showing Apple's own adverts and also the live announcement videos when available, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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How much will the iPhone 7s Plus cost up-front?

Apple is well known for its expensive pricing structures, so you can fully expect to shell out a fair bit of cash if you do decide to invest in the 7s Plus when it arrives. If you choose to upgrade with a SIM-free version of the iPhone 7s Plus, then a very costly £700+ price tag is sure to be included. If not, then monthly deals will obviously spread the cost, but may cost more over the course of the deal.

What about upgrading my old iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy S7 deals and HTC 10 offers also target high-end upgraders, this means you'll have to make the decision about which phone to go for when you've looked at all of your options.

However, if you settle for the iPhone 7s Plus then you can still plan to spend a fair bit of cash, with prices not varying massively for upgraders - especially at launch.

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