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One of the most talked about phones in the business, the iPhone 6c is the long rumoured successor to the iPhone 5c, which drew mixed reactions following its launch. Opting for a colourful plastic design, the 5c was one of the most recognisable phones ever made, and a successor is now building more and more traction.

But when will we see the iPhone 6c? How much will the 6c cost? All the information about the Apple phone can be found here.

iPhone 6c Release Date

The iPhone 6c still hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, so it could all be smoke and mirrors. However, Apple is always keeping its cards close to its chest, so there's no way of guaranteeing if the phone is legit until the company announces it. If the previous iPhone 5c is anything to go off, we can expect the iPhone 6c in multiple shades including; white, green, blue, pink and yellow.

It’s likely to be launched alongside a more powerful follow up to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Either way, it seems like we could finally be getting a new colourful iPhone to play with sometime in the near future.

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A New, Brighter iPhone

It took its time, but the iPhone 6c is finally offering a follow up to the bright and beautiful iPhone 5c. Bringing its trademark colourful casing, the iPhone 6c will be an ideal addition to any smartphone fans’ pocket, offering up brains and beauty at a less costly price tag.

If you’re bored of those grey, gold and silver iPhone 6s models – the iPhone 6c could be your saving grace, providing a much more fashion forward look.

Note: This is a concept video of the iPhone 6c, it doesn't represent the finished article in any way.

How much will it be? - Compare iPhone 6c Deals

Apple is keeping traditionally quiet about the iPhone 6c in general, so we're unlikely to get any kind of confirmed price tag before the phone's official launch. However, we can use the iPhone 5c's pricing structure as a pretty good set of guidelines.

For now, the current iPhone 5c model is still available on the Apple website for £319 at an 8GB level, however the iPhone 6c will be plenty more expensive than this, especially with a larger memory selection. You can expect a SIM-free version of the handset to come in at around the £450-£500 mark if you ask us. 

If you choose to go for a monthly deal, then you can expect a much less daunting £35-£40 monthly cost, although the chances of grabbing one for free up front will be slim.

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What can we expect from the iPhone 6c?

It’s definitely been a long time coming, but that hasn’t stopped us putting together a list of expectations for the next colourful iPhone by any means.

A Big or Small Screen?

There’s still plenty of debate surrounding the size of the iPhone 6c display, with some predicting a smaller 4” display, whilst others feel that it could stick to the iPhone 6’s 4.7” style. Either way, it’s likely that it will boast a similar quality to that on the iPhone 6.

Touch IDWill TouchID come on the iPhone 6c?

It never featured on the iPhone 5c, but it could well make an appearance this time around. Touch ID obviously brings an added layer of security to the iPhone 6c, having you verify your fingerprint to gain access to the phone.

Apple Pay

Finally hitting the UK with iOS 9, if the iPhone 6c does emerge then Apple Pay could well be included. This will be heavily reliant on the inclusion of Touch ID and NFC, as both of these features are needed to supply the mobile payment service.

If it does come along for the ride, it means that you’ll be able to link your debit and credit card to your phone, making your wallet much less likely to make an appearance when making purchases.

Force Touch?

It’s already featured on the Apple Watch with 3D Touch also on the iPhone 6s, but could it really make its way onto the 6c as well?

It is a possibility, although it would be a surprising move, but then again, we’ve definitely seen stranger moves from Apple.

What about the iPhone 6c Specs?

As always, you can expect Apple to provide a healthy spec sheet with its new smartphones, meaning that the iPhone 6c could be providing quite a bit of quality under the hood!

Early rumours suggest an Apple A9 processor, 2GB RAM and up to 64GB of internal storage making the cut on the colourful handset. This would provide plenty of punch, and should offer a great experience on the 6c, despite being listed as a less expensive iPhone model.

iPhone 6 v 6c

It seems like so long ago when the iPhone 6 made its debut on the smartphone market, but if you still have the older iPhone handset, it might be worth comparing these two to figure out if upgrading is a smart move.

Whilst there aren't any concrete details for the 6c just yet, the rumours we've heard do suggest that it could be a similar or smaller screen size than the 6, whilst the internal kit is also likely to match or improve upon the 4.7" handset. The design is likely to take up the same shape as the iPhone 6, meaning a slimmer and less clunky feel will be included - giving it a distinct advantage over the 5c on this front.

iOS 10 is the next operating system destined for Apple, so don't expect the 6c to miss out there. In general, it seems that if it does arrive, the 6c could prove to be a great device from Apple.

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Which network and tariff plan is best for 4G and the iPhone 6c

As you might expect, plenty of different mobile networks will be offering their deals for the iPhone 6c, so why not check out some of them before the phone arrives?

  •  EE
  • O2
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Three
  • Vodafone

Which mobile phone shops will choose to offer an iphone 6c giveaway?

Whilst grabbing an iPhone 6c for free might be a bit farfetched, there will undoubtedly be some mobile deals which involve no upfront fee for the iPhone 6c. Of course, with this in mind, you can also expect quite an extortionate monthly fee to go along with these kind of deals, but c'mon, Who can say no to a free iPhone?


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